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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"Where and when life began can never be known"

Article: ‘Where and When’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Daily life is full of events and situations. The events and situations are varied and multiple as well. They may happen either in the day or in the night. Events and situations are known by a man or a woman to be real. Man or woman always wants to know ‘where’ and ‘when’ did anything, meaning an event or a situation; happen, if anything does happen. They also explain ‘where’ and ‘when’ it happened, if anything does happen to them. There is no one who does not enquire ‘where’ and ‘when’, because it is normal to know ‘where’ and ‘when’ anything happens in daily life. Man enquires ‘where’ and ‘when’ either to advise the other or to console the other.
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Comment: Article ‘Where and When’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Implications of article “Where and When’ goes very far!! When a baby is born man ask where and when. In knowledge everything is documented in where and when. Every newspaper is based on where and when. Understanding where and when as an illusion makes understand man and world as an illusion. Very, very few books are written without where and when. These books are written by Dr. Shankar, and are the only books who make sense, meaning understanding what is in these books will change man  qualitative. Very few people recognize, but seeds are ready to come out. Thank You Dr. Shankar for Humanity!!

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
Our life seems to exist of lots of stories we tell others or ourselves. In any daily conversation the authenticity of stories told to the other depends on “where“ and "when“ it supposedly has happened. Otherwise the story is not believed. But how real could this life be? Pondering would reveal that such detail as to “where“ and "when“ something has happened changes from time to time when the story is told once again. This could be a first hint that the story of our life is not real but an illusion of thoughts, storytelling which happens to our mind. In the article  “Where“ and When“ Dr. Shankar shows clearly that the life in our minds at a particular place or in a numerical timescale is not real life. In the “Here and Now“ there is neither time nor space for a thought let alone a story. Click here to read further in German.

Julian Capper, U.K
‘Such is life’ is an expression of man’s acceptance of his experiences of the unpredictability and uncertainty of what happens in his life. However, he has developed scientific tools for establishing levels of certainty and precision in life. The clock, the compass and the telescope are remarkable examples of his sophisticated methods for establishing his place, his origin and almost his destination. Such are the gifts of the creativity, ingenuity and perseverance gifted to him by life itself, albeit illusory. Deep understanding that ‘such is life’, as revealed in this article, is the supreme gift of the enlightened, the gift of the ‘here and now’.

Comment: Article ‘Willpower’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Enjoyed Article ‘Willpower’!! You can be a president of a big country or a super-coach from an big football club. Success cannot be planned. When success can be planned gamble-industry cannot survive. As Dr. Shankar explains in books, CD’s, website: ‘mind claims’. Dr. Shankar does not gamble. His written books and spoken text are timeless and irrefutable to benefit Humanity. Thank You!!

Comment: Article ‘Particular’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
This article shows how precious life/moment is. The moment man understands 'life happens', is the accepting life as it is, without expectations. The intelligence of the moment is unimaginable. Thank You Dr. Shankar for explaining. A particular and precious gift!!

Comments: Article ‘Name’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
What’s in a name…In spirituality man asks ‘who am I’. This leads to refutable answers related to a doer. Dr. Shankar explains “what am I’ and leads to irrefutable answers. The article ‘Name’ when deeply understood makes clear that life is a play of light and sound. The book “What am I” is a "must read”, to be able to understand the explanation of Dr. Shankar. Thank You.


Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
"Without a name you are nobody", this is the common belief. And it is true, because the name is the label onto which all other labels are glued in the time of our life. The labels describe our character, our origin, our status in society, you name it. However, labels are not the truth, but depend on the point of view. And the name is the biggest label deceiving man and woman about their true identity. This article “Name“ by Dr. Shankar helps mankind to become aware of their true identity.

Comment: Article ‘Life Gives’

Diane, USA
Your article "Life Gives" shares an understanding to a deeper conviction for me that our daily lives with all it’s apparent things, actions, situations etc., is an imagination or an optical illusion of light as you always state, happening TO US in the mind. Because it is very obvious daily life appears to happen and appears to take TIME so it makes me ponder when in the very Moment which Life is, or where Life only is, there is NO TIME, what could daily life which we are experiencing be then? You point that Life needs a moment to be itself. And through the years of listening and reading what you share I understand that the time present within a moment is smaller than the smallest unit of time currently measurable which is a Zepto-second, if I recall correctly and that is one trillionth of a billionth of a second. So is it then correct thinking that within that unimaginable smallest measurable time frame it’s pretty clear that not even air, water, fire or earth could exist to be perceived the way we think of air, water, fire or earth but yet it exists. It must be present as an illusion of it’s essence, which is light or energy which is not perceivable by mind. Pondering along these lines It becomes clearer and clearer that our daily life experiences are in the mind only and not an actuality in Timeless Life. This makes it clearer too that in the moment where and what Life is there is living only without a this or a that merely experiencing, and in the mind there is this and that as experiences which is gifted by Life. Life GIFTS us experiences in the mind and to accept the illusory experiences Life gifts is gratitude, because not only the illusory or that which is temporary and changes could exist but also no alternative can exist, as you have shared with us innumerable times. And You as Life gifts us this article, a huge aid to make it clear for us that Living Life as it happens to us is truly Living Life and wishing for an alternate or different life is thinking Life only. Your article “Life Gives” facilitates us to understand that to Live Life As It Is, is gratitude. Thank you.

Comments: Articles

Bill Kelley, USA
I read the article ‘Birth’ yesterday and reread it just now, and I read ‘Life Gives’  very early this morning, and again just now.  I really enjoyed them both. The articles point directly to the mysteries of life, meaning questions can’t be answered in a ‘knowledgeable‘way. There are too many gaps, too many unanswerable questions that can only be filled with the wisdom that you have shared with us. Thank you.

Sigrid, Germany
Thank you for all these brilliant articles these months. Incessantly you are guiding us so beautifully to a deeper understanding.  Especially the article 'LIFE GIVES' touches me deeply by recognizing that it is the precious moment with life in it that keeps us alive and for that we should be grateful. Life gives us a precious moment every moment, whatever is in it. I have understood that what I like and what I don't like  -  both will come my way. But that which I don't like is simply the absence of that which I like. I also remember very well the CD 'LIVE GIVES' from 2004 where you pointed out so clearly that life gives us every moment something, it never takes away anything. But by constantly thinking  we miss the present moment. Normally our attention is on thinking because thinking is believed to be precious and important to us. When understanding happens the attention shifts to life and the moment becomes precious. Gratitude will be the outcome. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Comment: Article “Borrow”

Barbara, Munich
The article ‘BORROW’ - how beautiful!!! Thaaaank you soo much

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Comment: CD’s ‘Conditions 1and 2’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
It is our conditions that create tension. The ego is shifting in the conditions, wanting its conditions to be met. Dr. Shankar gives a deep insight into our mental life, into life, how we are stuck to our conditionings. Our conditions which are all an illusion, our conditions in the mind, it says, whatever you want in life must depend upon certain conditions, and all that you want in life these conditions will give you, but they will give you tomorrow. Because of the conditioning we do not see today, we see tomorrow. The mind as long as it is under conditions has projected out to tomorrow, not here. Thank You for this deep self-enquiry mirror. The question why is it that we cannot remember our center is a beautiful question, we have never identified with our soul. The soul appears as the mind in between the soul and the body. There is no separation between that which you cannot see and that which you can see. So enlightening and also confronting the CD ‘Conditions’ has been for me. With gratitude, Dr. Shankar.


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