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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"Processed foods and sugar as glucose lead to ill-health."

Article: ‘‘Food

“Quickly and Slowly"
By Dr. Vijai S 

Food has been growing on earth ever since the presence of earth. The growing food is either processed or not processed. Foods that are grown or processed release glucose in the body as an end-product. Processed foods are sugar, cereals, cheese, tinned vegetables, bread, savory snacks, such as crisps, etc.; meat products, such as bacon, sausage, ham, etc.; "convenience’’ foods, such as microwave meals or ready meals, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, cookies, sweets, soft drinks etc., are processed food as well. Even rice and wheat are processed. Processing rice and wheat removes the husk covering rice and wheat. This makes rice white and wheat polished. This is appealing to the consumer.  Sugar in processed food, especially in soft drinks and chocolate, makes them tasty. Advertising of processed food further encourages addiction to processed food. Click here to read further. Click here to read in German.
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Wisdom quotes by Dr. Vijai S Shankar: 'part 3'



Comment: Article ‘Food’

Julian Capper, UK.
The adjectives ‘fast’ and ‘convenient’ may aptly be used to describe the condition of living that is common for a modern man or woman. ‘What is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?’, as the poet once observed. The recipe for maintaining this tempo is the gift of convenience. The intelligence of this article poignantly reveals how modern man and woman’s pursuit of a healthy life is thwarted. Understanding this is the gift of wisdom.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
Wisdom is not a prescription of what to do or not to do, what to say and not to say, what to think and not to think. It is also not about what to eat and what not to eat. Wisdom, as presented here by Dr. Shankar, is simply a description of the evolution of man. In the state of evolution when obsessed with the mind and taking the mind for real in life, eating happens fast and unhealthy more likely compared to the state of evolution of the wise, being aware of life and the preciousness of its quality and care.

Comment: Article ‘Singular Movement’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands.
Enjoyed article ‘Singular Movement’. In simple words explained Life is singular, with deep understanding. No beginning, no end. No cause/ effect etc.. Thank You!!!

Comment: Articles ‘Intelligence 7 and 8’

Gerard Benerink. Netherlands.
Beautiful articles!! What an intelligence to make humans understand of this intelligence called Life.

Letter to AOA

Diane, USA
The wisdom quotes part 2 in September monthly newsletter are beautiful!!

Hiran, UK.
Wisdom quotes in September monthly newsletter are very good.

Nina Benerink, Netherlands
Quotes on children in September newsletter are indeed wise.

Bill Kelley, USA
I received the September newsletter yesterday and watched the “Wisdom Quotes Part 2”. I just watched it several times today and found the production aspect flawless, the music beautiful. When one grasps the content of the “Wisdom Quotes Part 2” as knowledge, the effect is more shallow; when one grasps it as wisdom, these words are very profound. One wants to listen to it over and over again, which I shall. It’s wonderful. Thank you.

Kalpna, UK
The wisdom quotes on ‘children’ touched my heart deeply.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
The pictures, texts and music are wonderful in the clip wisdom quotes part 2. I love especially: “Wisdom is learnt from understanding children and not telling them to understand.”

Julian Capper, UK.
‘The eyes of God’ – the children of every generation -  look out without condition or expectation. They bathe those who attend them in love and self-awareness. There is no experience of separate lives, nor any experience in this silent unity. Those who give birth to children, those who work with children and those who have an understanding of children are fortunate indeed. The wisdom quotes on children are a brilliant reminder of the gift of life.

Subbanna, India
All the articles from you are so good and can be read any number of times. With kind regards.

Subbanna, India
Sir, I intellectually understand that man cannot be the doer of deeds and whatever is meant to happen in a moment will happen and not meant to happen will not happen. But in actual interaction in daily life, this understanding does not happen and I behave as though I am in control of life. However , after the events or at the end of the day, when I ponder over it, I regret for my so called acts and think that though I have this knowledge, why I acted in a bad way.
Answer from Dr. Shankar
That man is not the doer is easy to understand as knowledge and this knowledge reflects behaviour in daily life that man is in control of life. This knowledge however reflects a quality of speech and actions, which clearly confirm that man is the doer in daily life. But, when wisdom that man is not the doer happens, the wisdom reflects a quality of speech and actions every moment in daily life, which is full of unconditional love, unconditional care and unconditional concern for everyone and everything.

Sonia, Canada,
Dear Dr. Shankar. Thank you for all that you share . I am very much appreciating rereading the book "The Power of Illusion". It is very helpful to me at this time.

Mail from USA
Dr. Shankar,
I am currently without Power from the Hurricane. Reading Chapter 12 Certain Uncertainty from the book ‘The Power of Illusion’. I see how everyone wants the "There" to be a place with Power restored and back to normal etc etc.....But happiness is here--now! The Chapter is very powerful and perfect for Today! Hoping all is well.

Mail from India
Sir, the knowledgeable gurus who preach to people to do sadhanas, who advise people to do spiritual practice, have huge followers and are famous, whereas Gurus with wisdom who share understanding of non-doer ship have few followers and are usually not popular among people. Does it mean that people do not like to be told that they are not in control of life events? Regards.
Answer from Dr. Shankar:
People do not like to be told that they are not in control of life because they believe that they are in control of life and should be in control of life. This applies to the followers as well as to the knowledgeable gurus. The wisdom of non-doership is yet to happen to people, to the followers and to the knowledgeable gurus as well. Firstly, the wise do not say that they are gurus. Secondly, the wise understand that the understanding of non-doership is yet to happen to people, the followers and the knowledgeable gurus and only the belief that they are the doers and therefore should practise sadhanas has happened to them.
Mail from India: 13-9-2017.
Sir, many thanks for the answer to my question on 13-9-2017


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