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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"The present moment which is light, humans, animals and nature happens without seeking."


Explanation of the DVD ‘Non Duality-Life as it is’ is on the website menu bar button: Film-Life as it is, in English, Dutch and German.

Article: ‘‘Seeking’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Man seeks. Man has been seeking since aeons of time. Man has been seeking no matter what his culture, religion or profession may be. Some relentlessly seek and some hope to seek. Man seeks for many things in his daily life. It may be for peace of mind or for: bliss, happiness and, particularly, for enlightenment among various other things in his or her daily life. Man or woman certainly do have an understanding about what they are seeking, but do they have a deep understanding of ‘seeking’ is the question that needs to be pondered. Also, they should enquire who they are and who does. 
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Comment: Article ‘Seeking’

Julian Capper, UK.
Where there is no time, there can be no race. A race against time or a timed race is the gift of life for man’s entertainment, albeit illusory. In a man or woman’s life, this may take the form of seeking fame and fortune, power and supremacy. Such is the scope of the intelligence of life, such is the gift of illusion. Seeking, as this article reveals, is resolved in the light of understanding: understanding the richness of the present moment is happening without seeking, albeit mysterious. 

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
Seeking implies that what is here and now is not enough for the seeker. The urge for more is what makes man seek. However, the seeking itself takes man and woman away from what is: the Here and Now. And therefore the seeking will never end – until a deep understanding happens. The new article by Dr. Shankar, titled “Seeking“, helps to find what is always here: Life as it is.

Comment: Article ‘Moment’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
A beautiful gift to Humanity!! How beautiful explained that mind can not be active in the moment in life. When there is no time in a moment and everything happens in the moment, what can the mind do, speak or think? What a mystery life is!

Comment: Article ‘Active’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
The explanations in the article ‘Active’ gives a very new insights on ‘education’ children. To understand deeply this article no conditions will be given to children. This is real unconditional love!!

Comment: CD ‘Attention 2’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
The mind makes the primary mistake to think that man is separate from nature and we can control it. In life whatever you see it varies. If man is included in nature, and he is nature, how come man has not got that intelligence to understand that he cannot ever look at another human being and say, this is the way you should speak, this is the way you should behave. How many generations we are still shouting at each other to behave in a certain way. We are simply shouting at nature. In this deep satsang Dr. Shankar explains in CD ‘Attention 2’ how man tries to know who he is through others. Not directly. In order to do that, what does the mind demand? The mind demands attention from others just because it wants to recognize itself. So much of attention demanding has gone to the mind. You become attentive to life. What a miracle. Ever so grateful.

Letter to AOA

Sonia, Canada.
Thank you for the explanation of the DVD ‘Non Duality-Life as it is’ on the website. I'm finding it easier to follow now.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
I have met so many people. Nobody could explain so clearly what life is and what mind is. The article ‘Beliefs’ and every other article needs to meet every man in this world. The understanding offered here will change humanity qualitatively. Thank You!!

Diane, USA
With the article " Seeking " You have described my then believed self-chosen journey of seeking which since meeting and listening to what you share transformed slowly into a deeper understanding of life HAPPENING especially daily life and with that a spontaneous stopping of seeking happened. I felt the hunger and thirst to improve myself got satisfied and quenched. By no means I imply that I have fully understood but I must have understood something valuable through what you share, something which actually made a qualitative difference in my daily life. The message you share makes understanding and appreciation of life-as-it-is, more and more happen to me. The longing for a different life, altered situations and wishing for other-then-how-they-are-behaving family members diminishes slowly but surely and that brings with it a more relaxed way of living. Sure, life still turns on the heat once in a while but every time I am better equipped to handle whatever comes my way thanks to what you share. When people ask how I deal with certain situations and I share with them bits of what you share with us, the immediate response is : "so you become passive?”  "don't do anything about anything”  "you are like a robot then" etc. Well I'm more living life now versus the always thinking and expecting how I want my life to be which is actually very limiting and robotic versus being open to what life brings any moment with it’s twists and turns like you pointed out to me long ago, your pointer was so helpful it stuck with me and has been the best of companions as have been all your CD’s and books. Through your sharing of logic and reasoning I am convinced that LIFE is just too fast to accommodate anything as we know and believe it to be, including us humans let stand thoughts and decision making for something to happen. I mean if humans are not even an actuality how can the thought or decision apparently coming forth from human minds have any impact to lighting speed changing LIFE. It all comes down to this which you say so beautifully in your article “ Seeking" When deep understanding happens that every atom of everything and every living entity that exists in the moment that is just happening is light, man is grateful for the mysterious moment. Thank You Thank You Thank You I can’t repeat Thank You enough!!!

Frank, USA
Dr. Shankar,
I watched the DVD ‘Non-Duality-Life as it is’......excellent short movie. The end elicited a certain state of mind....I don't want to describe in words just yet (I think words will fail)...I will get back to you....Thank You

Frank, USA
I really enjoyed the movie ‘Non-Duality-Life as it is’. It brought many years of Advaita study to a sharper point with simple explanations. The end where it went into the baby's skin to beyond the micro level back again to macro was excellent and in a much better way reminded me of a book I read many years ago but much better!

Sigrid, Munich
Yesterday Andreas brought me the CD 'EXPECTATIONS 3'. I send my deepest gratitude for that wonderful CD. I already listened once and I like the metaphor of the incense stick and it's fragrance to clarify that life is always ahead and expectations are always in the past. It also became more clear why conversation is difficult in daily life when attention is on words and meanings. The sound of life fades away and we still carry on our dead interpretations and conclusions. How ridiculous! With the article 'LISTENING' you also pointed out that listening is linked with understanding. You understand what you hear, when listening happens to you and listening evolves when intellect evolves understanding. So beautifully explained, so helpful and clear!!!! Thank you so much. With best wishes

Dori, Netherlands
I just read the article ‘Self Enquiry’. People are searching for the 'self', trying to reach the self, trying to be their 'self'. How enlightened is this article.


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