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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

A miracle is a mystery of light and sound"

Article: Miracle “Nature

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Nature is taken for granted and it is not understood as yet to be a miracle, which cannot be determined as to how it began. This applies to everything that exists as nature, including the weather. Among everything that exists in nature are fruits that grow on trees, for example, the fruit orange. The orange tree and the fruit orange grow from a seed which has nothing within it. The seed with nothing within it is a miracle by itself because how the first seed, with nothing within it, ever came to exist can never be determined. This also applies to every seed that grows as vegetation. 
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Comment: Article Miracle “Nature”

Julian Capper, UK.
To walk freely and without limitation in a grove of trees is a privilege bestowed by nature on every man, woman and child – not to mention on the pet dogs, the wild animals, the birds and the insects. This community of nature delights each one of us as the seasons bring change, decomposition and new birth. Deep understanding and appreciation of this miracle of nature, as revealed in this article, ushers in silent wonder and gratitude.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
Commonly a miracle is something extraordinary for man and woman. Dr. Shankar shows us the wonder of life and reveals how easily the limits of the mind are taken for real, because extraordinary means that it is not expected by the conditioned logic and reason of the mind. A miracle is not the extraordinary alone but also the ordinary, that which the ego takes for granted. That nature is a miracle in every speck of the universe, be it a plant, an animal or a human being, a planet or the sun, leaves us astonished, if we look deeply into the miracle of life.

Comment: Article ‘Wife and Husband’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Beautiful article!! Enjoyed!

Comment: Article ‘Brothers-in law’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Wonderful article!! Enjoyed!

Comment: Article ‘Sisters-in law’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Religion, spirituality are teaching us to behave. Dr. Shankar explains very clear that it is not a matter of behaving. It’s a matter of understanding!! Man and woman who understand are makers of a family. Thank You for making Humanity understand.

Comment: Article ‘Fruits’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Enjoyed article! What a miracle life is!

Comment: CD ‘Life is a flow’

Sigrid. Munich
The new Cd 'LIFE IS A FLOW' is again a wonderful treasure. I appreciate very much the explanations of duality and meaning of life - imparting several deep statements worth pondering: --  We have to understand that duality is the spice of life, its characteristic, simply fluctuating from one form into another. Nothing has to be corrected. We only want half of life. We try to get rid of that which we don't like while life slips away very fast. We have to embrace both sides of the coin - as an expression of the same energy - to become total and complete. Then life is an opportunity to flow and become life. -- Evolution does not mean a change of form. Consciousness not only changes its gross forms as an external transformation, it simultaneously evolves. Concomitantly a subtle intrinsic evolution takes place. -- The illusion is necessary to realise reality and come to know our true Self.  --   Nobody has found a meaning in life. The meaning is in the process, in the flow. Whatever the mind puts forth as a meaning is meaningless. That's the meaning.
After listening to this Cd the clarity sets in, why life is a flow. There are no individual events occurring separate from each other, because we cannot find a starting point or ending point with precision. We can only witness the flow of life, no events. Life is a long ritual. And self-realisation is not an event at all! Beside Dr. Shankar I don't know anybody else who can explain in depth and clarity that all concepts in the mind are illusory. We are so fortunate to listen to the message the AOA carries and spreads. The privilege to having met Dr. Shankar is more than one can desire.  With love and gratitude

Comment: CD ‘Illusion of thought’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
When do animals become violent? Only when they are hungry. Man has got hunger in a very different form too, not only bodily hunger, man hungers through his thoughts. As long as thoughts are there in a man's mind, there will be anger, and as long as a man believes that his thoughts run the life, he will be angry. That form of energy which we call anger can transform itself into compassion. It is a gift from existence so you can transcend it. There is nothing called anger. We are not patient. Dr. Shankar reveals the approach to anger through the phenomena of seeing and touch. It is beautiful. Namaste, 

Letters to AOA:

Sonia, Canada
Dear Dr. Shankar,
Thank you for all the articles and in particular the recent one "Miracle". It is clear in the article that nature and daily life is a miracle. Regards and appreciation.

Frank, USA
Dr. Shankar,
I very much enjoyed reading the article ‘Moksha’. Thank You

Bill Kelley, USA
The CD “Life is a flow” points directly at why mankind doesn’t find life a flow. The need to feel responsible for everything, to believe in the existence of “good" and “bad”, the need and compulsion to correct the “bad” perpetuates division, which is not conducive to seeing the flow of life. As you point out, there is no meaning in something like a seed, and if there is no meaning there is no responsibility. Because we don’t want to flow with life we feel responsible.  Thank you for these pointers which show us the way to “just be”.

Sigrid. Munich
Your articles concerning the human values struck a chord in me and had a tremendous impact. Deep pondering about prema, satja, shanti, dharma and ahimsa happened. It is seen in clarity that everything you have shared so far leads eventually towards living these 5 values.  When we understand life and trust its intelligence, anger and arguments will slow down and PREMA will be in every moment of daily life. Then we love and serve everybody in the family and SATYA will be expressed as honesty in all matters. Real SHANTI brings love and harmony to all individuals around us. The mind is in shanti when it is understood deeply and wisely. Then we accept everyone as he or she is in daily life. Whoever's ego is subdued conquers his selfish desires and is surely on the path of DHARMA. AHIMSA by the mind is to be truthful, loving, caring, speaking with love, concern and respect. Listening to your words over and over again will definitely have this final outcome! To be born as a human being is a value by itself - a precious gift we should cherish. So easily we take it for granted and miss the opportunity to get to know ourself and live the wisdom of human values.  These articles are a priceless help to recognize the chance of our birthright and open a door to take the jump. This is possible every moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Namaste


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