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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Thought is an illusion of subtle sound."

Article: Birth of Thought “Subtle sound”

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
A man or woman takes a thought for granted. A man or woman believes that he or she brings out a thought by thinking. But neither man nor woman knows what a thought is or how a thought is formed. All that a man or woman knows is: a thought is followed by the next thought and that thoughts keep moving one after the other. This implies that a thought is in movement. So what is a thought and how it is formed is wisdom. So what could this wisdom be is the question that man or woman needs to enquire? Enquiry into what is known as a fact would provide a clue to the wisdom of what a thought is and how a thought is formed. What is known as a fact is that a movement is always followed by sound.Click here to read further
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Comment: Article Birth of Thought ‘Subtle sound”

Julian Capper, UK.
 ‘A penny for your thoughts’ is a familiar and light-hearted expression used between people. An expression, however, that lays the responsibility for the thoughts on the person thinking, or supposedly so. Thinking is no respecter of persons, the young and the old, the educated and the uneducated. It is a facility shared by all for the greater part of waking life. And yet the enlightened declare that man is not the thinker. The careful examination gifted in this article by Dr Shankar reveals the wisdom that clarifies this declaration. Man may thus gratefully be relieved not only of the ownership of the thinking, but also of the doing and the speaking. Let us enjoy this daily play of light and sound.

Comment: Article Birth of Thought “Subtle Sound”

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
How proud mankind is of thinking! This is what makes them different from animals, humans think. However, the more thinking the less compassion it seems. Animals fight and kill, for the surviving of their body, their species. Man fights and kills for the thoughts he has in his mind, convictions, beliefs etc. How much more animal-like is mankind compared with a non-thinking animal? Animals seem to be more human so to speak. Only a deep understanding of the thinking process as presented here by Dr. Shankar makes man human in the best sense of the word.

Comment: Article: ‘Birth of thought’

The article ‘Birth of thought’ is beautiful and clearly explained!! Thank You!!

Comment: Article ‘Birth of letter’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
The article ‘Birth of letter’ is beautiful and clearly explained!! Thank You!!

Comment: Article ‘Birth of word’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
The article ‘Birth of word’ is beautiful and clearly explained!! Thank You!!

Comment: Article ‘Birth of Cause’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Your explanation of the birth of cause is Super!!

Comment: Article ‘Birth of Effect’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Wonderful article. Enjoyed! Evolution of mind beautifully explained!

Comment: Article ‘Birth of Present’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
The article ‘Birth of Present’ is beautiful and clearly explained!! Thank You!!

Comment: Article “Miracle”

Bill Kelley, USA
One may never look at an orange or another fruit again in the same way after reading the article ‘’Miracle”. Dr. Shankar clearly explains how and why all of nature and life is a miracle. After reading this article one comes away with a greater appreciation of the intelligence in life. Thank you for sharing this wisdom with us Dr. Shankar.

Comment: CD ‘Life is a flow’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
How do we respond to the meaning of life? We have not worked out and perceived that we are not the doer. In the satsang LIFE IS A FLOW Dr. Shankar reveals that because we are not able to understand God's expression, that is why we are not able to realize ourselves. Life is an opportunity for us to flow and become life. To be in that process, to be in that flow, the meaning is there in it and whatever meaning the mind puts forth to you is meaningless. That is the meaning. The satsang stimulates us to realize who we are. And it is confrontational to realize how difficult it is to understand God's expression. Merely to express itself in its reality, illusion is necessary. Only then can it reveal reality. So beautiful.

Letters to AOA:

Barbara, Munich
The article ‘FRUITS’  has touched me a lot! Such simple observations with such depth! These observations can be transferred to everything else in life.  Thank you very much for this eye-opening.

Julian Capper, UK.
It is lovely to hear from you Barbara – and through such a wonderful medium as the enlightened article ‘Fruits’. It has been my privilege over a number of years and through so many writings of an enlightened man to provide some modest help in communicating the wisdom that flows from an enlightened man’s understanding of life in its manifold facets and expressions, which is shared so generously by him with those who can listen and are ready to listen. You are part of the vital company of friends that Jenifer and I treasure deeply. Perhaps I may also thank Regina not only for passing your message to me, but also for her tireless strength.
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