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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"The known has evolved in man"

Article: "To Know (1)”

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Every educated or uneducated man and woman wishes, wants and desires to know in life. The knowing is done in the moment and the content of the known is known in the moment only after knowing is actually done or is being done. Whatever the educated or the uneducated man or woman know in life, if it is accepted, it is applauded and appreciated not only by them, but also by the society. The same is expected every time whenever he or she wishes, wants and desires to know. The acceptance, applause, appreciation and expectation also happen in the moment and are known in the moment not only to him or her, but also to those who hear what is known. Wisdom reveals that every moment in life renews itself and in between a moment in the mind and in life is moment as well. This signifies that a moment inlife and in the mind is eternal.
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Comments: Article ‘To Know (1)’

Julian Capper, UK.
All men and women have a high regard for knowledge. What is known may be different for each person as is appropriate and necessary and as each person is meant to know. Educators, employers, parents and students regard the precision of knowledge that can be assessed through examinations and interviews as indicators of individual intelligence and ability. Socially, who or what each of us comes to know is part of daily living and communication. The wise declare that the knowing and the known, thus experienced, happen in order that they may be understood to be illusory. Knowing and the known are not an actuality. Understanding this is release from mental bondage.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
"He again!" Every day you meet the same people, at least the mind claims, because it has knowledge about the world and the others. In this way an image of the other is consolidated, which evaluates your perception of everything he says and does according to this idea based on previous experiences. "Yesterday, however, you claimed something else. Will you finally be able to decide for something?“ So man never sees the LIVING being in front of him, that every human being, every animal and every plant and every object is. Every living being and every non-living entity is new in every moment, because the moment in life that contains everything renews itself every moment. Dr. Shankar's article is an invitation to examine man's knowledge more deeply, whether it is real or illusory. 
Comment: article: ‘Deconditioned’

Comment: Article ‘Deconditioned’

Elisabeth van Wordragen, Netherlands
In the article ‘Deconditioned’ the understanding that the human mind in the process of evolution, knows the feelings as either knowledge or as wisdom, has been very enlightening for me. I never realised that feelings are conditioned. The conditioned feelings sometimes become difficult to bear because they are not accepted by the conditioned mind which only accepts what it believes to be real. Wisdom helps everyone to accept life as it is in every moment. So grateful for Your healing wisdom. Elisabeth
Wisdom quotes by Dr. Vijai S Shankar: 'part 16: Choice (3)'
New CD: "Mismatch"



Comments CD: ‘Mismatch’

Elisabeth van Wordragen, Netherlands
In MISMATCH Dr. Shankar conveys how this illusion, this mismatch of life and mind, how did it come into being. The very concept of manifestation was difficult to understand for the knowledgeable, they started formulating what the seers are trying to say, because 'I don't know', and 'I must know' made its presence in the mind. When the trust that life as itself is unworried, it is not worried, it adjusts itself because it flows with no thought of flow, that is the first understanding of life in the now. I also love the part where you ask what has happened to consciousness, why the children always want to take the easy way out these days. What is life trying to teach us? Wonderful satsang. Gratitude.
Sigrid, Munich
Enjoyed so much listening to the CD ‘MISMATCH’. It is truly illuminating that all our ready-made answers don't fit into life, because they come from the past and daily life is in the present. Therefore it must be a mismatch. You explain so clearly that the initial conditioning was from the state of 'I don't know' as compared to somebody who already knows. Religious belief systems got impregnated in the mind and finally were transferred onto families and society. It is quite a surprising insight that fear has its roots in religion as the starting point of consciousness through the mind. Furthermore you explain razor sharp the difference between quiet and silence. Quiet is nothing but an external phenomenon occurring around us which is dependent upon certain conditions - noise in any manner should be absent. But silence on the other hand is independent of any external conditions. It happens within ourself, noise disappears and only sound exists. This silence may happen once we understand the conditioning of our belief systems. When we understand deeply that there is nothing to be done in life, life is simply merely happening to us, then eventually trust may happen too.  This sharing of the CD ‘MISMATCH’ has the transforming power of eternal wisdom. Just like a bud will blossom in fragrance and beauty, a butterfly will emerge from its chrysalis in all its splendour. And we in a maturing process will understand how consciousness is expressing itself. We will realise that belief systems keep on coming repeatedly in a very cyclic manner and we will not going to be interested in it any longer. We may stop labelling and recognise that we live where the feet touch the ground, in the Now, and that our hands are always empty. Then silence and trust can make its presence.  Thank you so much for this wonderful CD. It's a gift to humanity. Whoever will listen is a blessed one.  With love and gratitude

Letters to AOA:

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed article ‘To do Spiritual (1)’ and beautiful note!!

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Enjoyed article! ‘To do Spiritual (2).’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed article ‘To write or Type (2)’ 

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Enjoyed! article ‘To Think (2).

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed! article ‘To Meditate (1).

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed! article ‘To Meditate (2) and comment

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed! article ‘Healing (1).

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed! article ‘Healing (2).

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed article(s) "achieve" and “not achieve" From every corner it is explained that Life is a play of light and sound. The mind interprets movement as achieve or not achieve including all emotions. Now knowledge has proof that what enlightened explains is very true. The article opens the door to enlightenment. Thank You!!

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed article ‘To Reason (1)’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed articles ‘To Achieve (1) and (2)’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Thank You!! for the article ‘To Contemplate (1)’. Honest and deep pondering reveal that this and every article and everything what is written is irrefutable.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed articles ‘To Learn (3)’


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