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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"Moment happens without choice"

Article: "Without”

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Adult human beings are convinced that they have a choice in dealing with any issue in daily life. They are convinced that they cannot be forced into making any decisions regarding any issue in daily life. Everything happens in life without a choice. The earth rotates on its axis without a choice. The sun and moon that appear to rise and set do so without a choice. The stars shine in the night sky without a choice. Night and day alternate without a choice. Every moment in life happens by itself without a choice. The laws of gravity and motion happen by themselves without a choice. 
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Wisdom quotes by Dr. Vijai S Shankar: 'part 14: Choice (1)'
New CD: "Awakening Process"



Comment: Article ‘Without’

Julian Capper, UK.
An adult human being is one who has come of age and reached maturity. This coming of age may be marked by a special, family ceremony. The adult is now accorded the right to vote in elections and to choose a representative in government. Choice is a fundamental in daily life. The proclamation of the enlightened in this article, however, reveals that the instrument of choice is only an appearance of choice, gifted in the moment by the intelligence of life to man, but not an actuality exerted by man. Understanding this is the beginning of trust.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
A solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse are very rare. They are precise yet spontaneous astronomical phenomena that have always reminded people of the power of life that is greater than themselves. Therefore, astronomical phenomena in different cultures have always been associated with religious experiences and beliefs. Modern man considers himself predominantly emancipated from such superstition as he calls it. But that man is part of the cosmos, that is, not separated from it, and therefore as without a choice observing the astronomical spectacle as this also happens by itself, without choice, modern man is unaware of. Dr. Shankar explains that even man and everything he seems to decide happens without choice, that man is also is a spontaneous, precise cosmic phenomenon. Man has not made the moment in which the earth, the sun and the moon are circling, and in that moment man is included.

Letters to AOA:

Elisabeth, Netherlands
What a surprise! Thank you so much for putting Gerard's video 'Ponder Path in Nature' in the August newsletter. After your enthusiastic reaction to what Gerard is doing I am glad we can see what you mean. What an amazing idea to walk in the wood and ponder Your texts at the same time. I am very touched by Gerard's endeavor to make this piece of wood a path to ponder. 

Sreehari Balaji, India
Dear Guruji. The article ‘Intelligence - Moment in life’ is a masterpiece of wisdom! Comments on Article: The wise ones reveal that the Intelligence in Life manifests in the moment. The intellectuals use intelligence and intellect interchangeably as a misunderstanding. The intellect in Life manifests in the moment is a misunderstanding. The intelligence in life manifests the intellect as a moment in the mind/body. This signifies that the mind/body does not manifest intellect in life in the moment. The intelligence in life as moment in life is real and intelligence in life manifesting as the moment in mind is illusory.  Wisdom of the wise silences the mind & intellect in awe!
Answer by Dr. Shankar to Sreehari Balaji,
The significance of the article ‘Intelligence’ is: The mind/body neither manifests the intellect in life in the moment nor the intellect in the moment with thought in the mind/body.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed Article!! ‘Conversation (1)’. Knowledge judge and interprets. Wisdom response without interpretations. Thank You!

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
The article ‘Self-Enquiry 2’ makes the puzzle very clear. I don’t think this puzzle has ever explained so clear before. When there was a Nobel prize for wisdom You deserve. Thank You,

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Article ‘Self-Enquiry 4’ Enjoyed very much!! Thank you

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Article ‘Self-Enquiry 5’ Enjoyed very much!! Thank you

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Article ‘Self-Enquiry 7’ Enjoyed very much!! Thank you

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Enjoyed article ‘Self-Enquiry 9’ 

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Enjoyed article ‘Mystery’ and the notes. Thank you.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Article ‘Boredom’ is a Wonderful article!! Always need to read several times.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
When I am 50, …..When I am 60, then …..Man has many purposes in life and many actions are needed to reach all goals. When man looks back and is honest he will realize that life is going it’s own way. Dr. Shankar is explaining in great detail from so many sides that life is happening and is as it is in any moment. Understanding this brings trust and patience in life, which leads to unconditional love for everything in life. Thank You for the article ‘Destiny’.

Diane, USA
Enjoyed the article ‘Mystery’.

Sonia, Canada 
Thank you for the article "Mystery" and all the writings.
Sigrid, Munich
The CD AWAKENING PROCESS Thank you so much!!!. It is such a deep topic and sharp Advaita you shared already in 2000. It is a shocking revelation that knowledge happens to us when we are asleep. You explain so clearly the mechanism as to how the mind comes to know and stores knowledge. Knowledge is words in the mind and related to the ego. So knowledge is stepwise and 'who am I' can never be achieved by knowledge. The awakening to 'who am I" is a process which we have to go through. This process is life and that life itself will land us into who we are - not knowledge. You shared in clarity that life is not knowledge, because in life we can only know one word at any given point in time. Beside that another aspect of time is shared to understand that time is non existent in life.  This Cd definitely 'polishes' the ego and it can become a good friend when understood deeply. My eternal gratitude for a wonderful message and a touching mind blowing CD.

Barbara, Munich
What a CD ‘AWAKENING PROCESS’. It is the first one ever to come out! Thank you very much!!!!!!

Bill Kelley, USA
Thoughts On “Awakening Process” The CD “Awakening Process” describes that process as our living Life itself, which can only be accurately described by someone who truly understands. Dr. Shankar goes into what is, and isn’t, the fabric of Life. The illusory nature of space and time, the limitations of knowledge, and the truth that the past, present, and future are a dream are addressed in a way that is easy to understand. I highly recommend listening this CD because it is one that should be listened to again and again.

Bill Kelley, USA
The article “ Intelligence In Life (2)” For centuries mankind has had, through no fault of his own, an incorrect view of science and religion as being two  different subjects of study. The article “ Intelligence in Life (2) “ goes  step by step into an explanation of how and why they are one. Thank you Dr. Shankar for sharing this wisdom with us.


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