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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Daily life is satsang "

Article: "Satsang"

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

To knowledge satsang means: a spiritual discourse or sacred gathering, meaning being in the company of the truth or right association. Knowledge informs that man and woman are free from unwanted emotions when in satsang, but not free from unwanted emotions when not in satsang. Knowledge informs that only wanted emotions prevail during every moment of satsang, which is the truth as well, beside the truth that is present in the spiritual discourse in the sacred gathering, meaning a satsang. Wisdom reveals that, if the truth were real, the truth would be present everywhere. This implies that, if the spiritual discourse or sacred gathering were the truth, unwanted emotions would not be present when not in a satsang because unwanted emotions are not present in a satsang....
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Comments: Article ‘Satsang’

Julian Capper, UK.
The moment of receiving and reading this article is satsang. There are no unwanted emotions present now: what a wonder. Yet, this is a sombre moment in which there is appearing an understanding that anything made, spoken (spiritual or non-spiritual), enacted, thought, experienced, accessible to any of the senses is illusory. Thus, the entire scope of man’s life is a manifestation of the intelligence of life. The entire scope is an ‘as-though’ wrapped in a cocoon of light. This light, shining to mankind through the wisdom of the wise, as in this article, is the gift for every human being to find himself – if he or she is meant to.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
That the truth is present everywhere and in every moment remains hidden from the spiritual, who think they are in a satsang that they think it is separate from their everyday life. The same applies to the practice of meditation, yoga or prayer. Man believes that meditation or yoga has a real beginning and a real end, which he can choose and determine as a doer. This deception holds a person captive in the illusion that actions are real in life. In prayer, man wishes from God to change what is, according to his own wishes and needs. This desire for something other than what is present in the Here and Now, albeit illusory, strengthens the non-acceptance of the existing as it is. Man needs to understand that what is is light or "God" or “Truth”. So how could man find God or Truth if he does not accept the divine and true in the Here and Now as it is? These insights into his worldly, spiritual and religious everyday life are withheld from man as long as he does not get the understanding – if it happens – that is revealed here in this wise article by Dr. Shankar that Satsang is always and everywhere. 
Wisdom quotes by Dr. Vijai S Shankar: 'part 25: Interest (2)'
Dancing ducks in water. 
"Nature is as everything that is in daily life."
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Letters to AOA:

Diane, USA
Your article “Everything” is like the stabilizer app for the rocky waves & waters of the mind if deeply understood. It is all inclusive of life therefore the title “Everything” is so perfect. When Everything sophisticates within The moment and The moment is eternal then Everything must sophisticate continuously within the moment which makes Everything perfect and precise as it is. Logically how can man with his mind who only exists within the moment do anything by his own free will and choice while life in the moment which contains man continuously sophisticates as everything? This understanding is Everything because it is the answer to all the why’s in life because life has no why’s as you have shared long ago. You always say Life is precise and precious and I understand this a bit better now thanks to your persistent explanations in the many articles you write daily.  Life is it is as it is within the moment and this includes family & friends and everything living and non-living that surrounds anywhere and everywhere including man's apparent doing: speaking and actions. When this article is deeply understood harmony and understanding of family and friends and everything that surrounds will be present slowly but surely more and more for we will more and more admire family and friends as life’s expressions as gifts of life, versus judging family and friends apparent individual actions.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Very good article!! ‘Satsang’ Enjoyed!! Beautiful notes!

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Article ‘Everything’ is beautiful. Enjoyed article and quotes!

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed article “Plan Your’ and quotes. Beautiful explained planning is illusory, so life can only be lived. Thank You!

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
 Article ‘Everyone (1)’ is a very beautiful article!! Enjoyed!! The mind, the interpreter. What a miracle Life is.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Article ‘Learn From’. Can we learn from the past? What a beautiful explanation that this is impossible because life is a transformation process and not cause and effect. Thank You!

Dori, Netherlands 
Thank you for the wonderful meeting and thank you for the beautiful talk: Mind the fifth season in Life. To be with you always quietens the mind. The CD ‘Mind the fifth season in Life’ makes so clear that the weather in the mind is what it is. We are all just nature and so is the mind. Seasons go by and the weather always changes. And we just grow. He, who helps you to understand Life and the mind, is a true friend and the biggest gift of Life. Thank you for your love and patience.

Sigrid, Munich
Since 20 years now the wisdom Dr. Shankar is sharing is guiding me through daily life via books, CDs, DVDs and articles. Meanwhile I recognise an effortless (always available) remembrance that life is precise and precious and it is what it is! Watching everything happening by itself - what a fearless state of being with all needs met in the moment. What is left is tremendous awe and admiration for this brilliant imagination in its infinite journey. What can be given back except my eternal gratitude and deepest respect and reverence.  With love and best wishes

Sreehari Balaji, Chennai, India
Dear Guruji
Deep heartfelt thanks for your outpouring of wisdom and a profound opportunity to interact to give the required clarity for day to day living.
Thanks to Guruji and all the sages and masters.

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Dear Dr. Shankar,
To make humanity understand what is life is not a piece of cake, The wisdom in the articles WORD (1) (2) and (3) will enable man to understand what is life in every moment. So grateful over and over. and over again. In the new CD MIND THE FIFTH SEASON IN LIFE and in the CD´s CONDITIONED MIND -1 and - 2 the understanding that the weather in mind is conditions is wonderfully explained. That man's predominant conditioned thought is that he is a doer, speaker and thinker. He cannot believe that life happens to him. Thank you. With all best wishes.


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