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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Children are the eyes of God. "

Article: 'Children (1)'

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"Eyes of God"
Children are the apple of every parent’s eye. Every woman yearns to bear children and to be a mother to her child. The dreams of motherhood are as sweet as heaven. 
Such is the love every woman bears in her heart for children. Physical or mental abnormalities in the child do not dent this love; it always remains green and keeps blossoming. But if the child’s behaviour either during childhood, teenage years or adulthood is not accepted or is anti-social, the mother’s love is accompanied with anguish, sadness and worry of unimaginable proportions. 
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Comments: Article ‘Children (1)’

Julian Capper, UK
The growing child is nature’s wonderful phenomenon, beautiful to behold. Nature’s way needs no advice or guidance as the child changes both in sound and appearance. Simultaneously, the child’s understanding begins to mature, often surprising and delighting the parents. However, the delight may become obscured by concern as the parent becomes aware of certain behavioural features in their children, which, in today’s world, may qualify for terms known as autism, dyslexia, ADHT and many more. There are now specialists to help children in modifying these features. This is not nature’s way; it is the way of scientific knowledge and practice. The way of wisdom, however, is by understanding that children are as they are meant to be and that there is behavioural change, if there is meant to be. Understanding that this is so restores a parent’s unconditional love for their child and dissolves any stigma that may attach to these descriptive terms. Let parents – and others – trust in the intelligence of life

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
Unconditional love and acceptance of children even in behaviour that contradicts the customs, traditions and needs of a society is the basis of every family that wants to be considered as such and does not see itself as a pure community of purpose. If children behave inappropriately and not socially recognized, parents are held responsible. This builds up the social pressure that burdens the parents' love for the child. Only unconditional love, as revealed in this wise article, is steadfast and cannot be turned into rejection, no matter how strong the external or internal pressure may be. This is health whereas condemnation, correction and suppression itself are part of the problem, although all problems are illusory because no one makes or controls the moment in which problems come and go. And also the parents need, as here in this article, loving support instead of adjustment pressure to bring the child to manners. 
Wisdom quotes by Dr. Vijai S Shankar: 'part 29: Advaita

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Letters to AOA:

Diane, USA
Wonderful lyrics in song in November Newsletter. The lyrics in the song are a good reminder to man and woman to ponder deeply who he or she really is in life, just as advaita is a good reminder of who everyone really is and what really is everything that is in daily life.

Diane, USA
In November newsletter the wisdom quotes was the best of the best quotes.
Diane, USA
The series of articles Children are REAL help for any parent or teacher. The deep understanding shared in these articles of “life as it is” is nothing short of a priceless gift. I’m sure it has the potential to make any reader ponder and reflect on his or her own life with others and especially with children. These articles when rightly understood can transform any household from disharmony to harmony simply by deeply understanding what is shared within. Thank you, Dr. Shankar, for pointing out so many years ago to patiently watch life unfold rather than expect and comment how it should unfold this has helped and still helps a lot especially with regards to my children.

Diane, USA 
Dear Dr.Shankar
Your article ‘Many Actors’ (1) is a marvel to read over and over ....love it!
Thank you. Your articles “Many Actors” 2 to 7, lay bare the beliefs of the nature of individual roles we strongly believe we are. Amazingly put in clear and simple words yet packed with the most profound understanding life has to offer. What I am sure of is, that deeply understanding that the intelligence in life or the real actor makes everybody move is crucial to live in harmony with patience and acceptance of all who live with us. Trust and patience that this profound understanding will cement when and if it is meant to is to what is left. The writing is very colorful and energetic at least that’s how I receive it. Wonderful enjoyed reading it a lot. Thank you! The article ‘Many Actors’ (8) is simply WOW! A man and woman with wisdom understand that what is meant to come for the many roles will come, whether the role the actor is playing likes it or not. A man and woman with wisdom understand that what is meant not to come for the many roles will not come, even though the role the actor is playing wants it. This is huge so huge it is daily life, full stop. Thank you. ‘Many Actors’ (9) is simply amazing for example the paragraph: When you have understood your body, understood your mind, understood your many roles as illusory, the matter is over. Finished. Your journey in life is complete. You have arrived at the destination which is your real home: your real self. I’m in awe at the arrangement of clear and simple words to clarify basically the most complex of questions lingering or passing by any human being’s mind.
Elisabeth, Netherlands
Just received the November Newsletter and am in awe of all that is shared by You. Beautiful wisdom quote and I listened to the logical song WHO I AM. Great song! So good of You to let us listen and realise the words. It is wonderful that we can find search results for articles now on the page, And for me it is as if the words 'Man is not in control of life' make more impact than 'life is uncontrollable'.And a new CD WORDS IN THE MIND is available. Amazing. Thank you with all my love

Julian Capper, UK
The articles gifted by Dr. Shankar on children and their sophistication was, in turn, wonderfully and emotionally gifted to our whole school, with children aged 5-11 present and many parents. This has just happened in our once-a-year Remembrance service for those who gave their lives in WW1 and in WW11.  Each child aged 9-11 spoke on stage to the audience with confidence and clarity. This brought tears to the eyes of the adults attending. Love and respect for the children stirred in the hearts of the parents and they had a new reflection of their children.  
Respect and understanding for a child’s path in life has been immeasurably strengthened. Gratitude to the wisdom flowing through Dr. Shankar.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Articles ‘Children’. There are rules by government how to raise children. There are many teachings how to raise children. The library is full of books how to raise children and how behavior should be. All based on cause and effect. And still man is not contented with children behavior. Dr. Shankar explains life is a singular movement. Life will go the way as it is meant to go. This understanding brings trust, patience and unconditional love. There is no other way. What a gift for Humanity, especially for parents and grandparents. The articles ‘Children’ are a must to read for every parent and grandparent. Understanding behavior of children and adults needs to be understood by adults. Beautiful Julian has read out for all his schoolchildren and parents. Thank you! 

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
‘Many Actors’ are Wonderful Articles!! Sri Adi Shankaracharya has declared that man is not the doer in Nirvanashadakam. Kenopanishad verse (1.3) declares that Word and mind cannot access the Absolute One. Dr. Shankar explains in this article why it is so with deep clarity. Knowledgeable are looking for long time to find a formula for everything. This is not possible by knowledge because knowledge divides by labeling through words. That there is ONE actor is a revelation to understand. Article helps to realize your true nature. The biggest gift from Life. Thank You !!!!!!

Dory, Netherlands 
The articles called ‘Children’ are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. The sophistication of life will go on. Understanding this will make man to look with new eyes to their children and love them as they are.

Dory, Netherlands
The articles ‘Many Actors” are beautiful! What a gift. Thank You for sharing.
It’s a privilege having met You.

Andreas, Munich
Now I know what the Holy Family is: Wisdom & Knowledge. Wisdom & Knowledge is the Holy Trinity. And knowledge happens in Wisdom for the child. And Wisdom happens in knowledge for parents. Wow, wow, wow! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Dory, Netherlands
The articles ‘Many Actors’ 1 and 2 are incredible and beautiful! What a gift!

Sigrid, Munich
Thank you very much for the series of articles 'MANY ACTORS'. I am deeply touched. They offer a profound understanding that the roles which the actors play are an appearance. The intelligence in life is the real actor and reflects many illusory actors in daily life. My goodness! This razor sharp clarity leaves no chance to judge or blame anybody or anything. No room for expectations or giving advice! The consequence of a deep understanding is to see and love the one in many. When the attention shifts from the role-player to the real actor, the witnesser is watching the role-playing - eventually accepting life as it is. This implicates a steady state in trust and patience. A tremendous qualitative change in life. My goodness, what a transforming power the wisdom in these articles may have, if it is meant to. With gratitude and love

Sigrid, Munich 
Good morning dear Guruji, Thank you for the extraordinary article 'RADAR'. Was just reading the question from Netherlands to this topic where you answer: ' Detecting an object by a human mind means that radio-waves sent by the human mind correspond to the radio-waves present in life.' Now I understand more deeply that we think of an object and cannot see objects present outside. Wow, what a mystery life is! With gratitude for the article and the question

Randy, Netherlands
Dear Dr. Shankar,
Thank you for responding to my email about the article Radar. Yes I do understand your reply. Every explanation coming from you is an explanation of life itself as a guidance towards life, towards living life by deeply understanding life according to the mind, which the intelligence in life has manifested so intelligently and beautifully.

Elisabeth, Netherlands 
Dear Guruji.
So much enjoyed the article Anxiety (2). If you are really patient, you will be interested in becoming thoughtless so that you may live life as it happens. Interested in becoming thoughtless. What a deep understanding of life. Thank You. Elisabeth


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