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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

The wise do not quarrel "

Article: "Quarrel"

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Knowledge informs that quarrel means a heated argument or disagreement, typically about a trivial issue and between people who are usually on good terms. Knowledge reveals that siblings quarrel, lovers quarrel, friends quarrel, husband and wife quarrel. Knowledge reveals that even colleagues quarrel and that no-one is free from quarrel. This is because it is present between everyone in different situations and not just in one particular situation. Knowledge reveals that a quarrel is usually accepted, but sometimes a quarrel leads to disruption in harmony in the location.This is especially in the house with family and children where it even leads to unwanted consequences. 
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Comments: Article ‘Quarrel’

Julian Capper, UK.
In the first instance, the word quarrel indicates an arrow used with a crossbow in an unfriendly situation. In the second instance, the word quarrel indicates the use of words in an unfriendly dialogue. In both instances blame is ascribed leading to disharmony, albeit time-limited. However, the wise reveal here through Dr. Shankar, that whatever is contained within any moment is precise and cannot be other than what is in the moment. Gifted with this revelation, there is acceptance of what is said and never any loss of harmony. Understand that man is not the doer.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
Man thinks he quarrels with other humans. However, as Dr. Shankar repeatedly makes clear, man is never the doer in life. Since this is so, man is never in conflict with other people, but in fact quarrels with the life that is. The one who experiences the happiness of recognizing the senselessness, of not wanting to accept the existing, albeit illusory, is free of quarrel in every moment and accepts life with all humans in the moment as it is.
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Letters to AOA:

Elisabeth, Netherlands
In the editor's note to the article Interest (1) Julian expresses how unnervingly close this article comes to our emotions and expectations of daily life, and Marcus emphasizes that only the clarity of understanding focuses human interest on the timeless Here and the thoughtless Now where life flows. So happy with their words. In the chapter The Illusion of Searching for Enlightenment in the book The Illusions of Life, I am aware how often You refer to existence, bringing about every movement providing an opportunity to man to perceive the happening. That all activities happen to man in a process that is designed for man to transcend into his True nature once the perception happens that the ego is not the doer and that the entire process is called Self-Realization, It is a wonderful chapter. Thank You.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Very good articles ’Teaching’. Beautifully explained as transformation process in life.

Very good article!! ‘Interest (1) Enjoyed!! Beautiful notes!

Article ‘Interest (3) is beautiful. Enjoyed!

Beautiful article!! ‘Work Hard’ Enjoyed!

Article ‘Learn From’. Can we learn from the past? What a beautiful explanation that this is impossible because life is a transformation process and not cause and effect. Thank You!

Barbara, Munich,
Thank you so much for the last wisdom quotes number 23 in the newsletter:  I find the wisdom of our daily life/drama is so wonderfully summed up that it makes me speechless.  Thank you endlessly.

Sonia Ostrikoff, Canada.
Dr. Shankar, A few days ago I started rereading your book "The Power of Illusion" and almost after every paragraph I stop in awe and gratitude. Thank you for all that you share.

Sigrid, Munich
The actual quote on the website hit me surprisingly. "Now is timeless and thoughtless. Now is also illusory time." These two sides of the coin clarified a essential point I was not even aware that I had not yet understood it totally. Life when we understand it deeply - what an amazing trip. All of of is precious. None of it is real. Thank you, thank you eternally.


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