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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Death is transformation "

Article: "Death”

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Life is eternal since God is the source of life and God is eternal. Nobody knows when death started, for nobody knows when life started. Death has no barriers: it happens to the young and old in every religion, culture and tradition. Transformation is a process of life, which includes death. Man tries to prevent death, but it spares no-one. If the grief were real, why would God create it, if God is compassionate and loving? Man prays that death should not occur, but why has God still maintained death in life? If death has to happen, it would require birth to be present in the very moment death happens, because only the birth of something can die and nothing else.
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Comments: Article ‘Death’

Julian Capper, UK.
This article evokes a revered, ancient text that asks rhetorically: ‘’O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?’’ In knowledge, there is life and there is death. Man grieves at the death of a person – when the body seems lifeless; man is joyous at the birth of a person – when a new body appears that is full of life. Thus, every being’s span of life is framed by grief and joy, for such is the unshakeable belief that controls man’s behaviour. In wisdom, however, revealed by the deep understanding gifted in this article and elsewhere, there is no separation of life from death.  In the understanding of this lies eternal peace.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
“The whole Earth is the Sepulchre of famous men; and their story is not graven only on Stone over their native earth, but lives on far away, without visible symbol, woven into the stuff of other men's lives", said the Greek statesman Pericles in ancient Athens. The commemoration of the dead is traditionally bound to one place, in this case a local tomb extends to the whole world, but is nevertheless limited. The wisdom about death in this article by Dr. Shankar, on the other hand, is boundless. The action of the individual is not to be understood causally in a smaller or larger radius, but the entire life is a singular movement of light and sound. The dead is life that transforms. A view that transcends the boundaries of the mind. 
Wisdom quotes by Dr. Vijai S Shankar: 'part 23: Drama'
CD: "Why am I here"

Comment: CD “Why am I here”

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Life flows and that is how life appears to us. In the flow you are here. When life is a flow it is not up to you where to be. Dr. Shankar explains with great clarity the operative mechanisms of fear which reveal how the thought of fear came about expressed in our mind. Fear will never go until we are clear about it. The fear comes from the mind because of our refusal to understand it properly, because of our concept that we are the doer. It is an intense satsang. Great answer to Peter´s question ´why are we all here?'. At the end of the satsang ‘WHY AM I HERE’ You make a statement that the entire manifestation expresses itself only through the phenomenon of touch. In ´The Illusions of Life´, under the head Vision of chapter 21, I happened to find the most intimate and beautiful understanding You give on the illusion of searching for enlightenment. That touch, the sensation of touch is the greatest illusion and the most misunderstood understanding. Every notion of our mind is only linked to the phenomenon of touch. Thank you, with gratitude. 

Letters to AOA:

Julian Capper, UK
Dear Dr. Shankar,
Both the deep understanding of Dr Shankar together with, now, the Ambrosial Experience of liberation of Sri Jnanadeva, as recounted in the treatise gifted by Dr. Shankar many years ago, are my treasured companions in life. There is an ocean of gratitude to offer in exchange.

Randy Breuer
Article Nature (1) and (2) is wonderful. Enjoyed them

Bill Kelley, USA
Dear Dr. Shankar,
For centuries man has grappled with the nature of creation and his identity. What you have shared with us allows us to appreciate this video. I don’t know if it’s all correct, or who produced it, but a whole lot of it is, I feel, spot on. You have shared part of it in the series of CD’s  “E=mc2”, and elsewhere.  Mankind now has the profound opportunity to realize his true potential with what you have shared. I came across this video https://youtu.be/l8AjoUb8Tq8

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Wonderful article ‘How (2)’. How You explain is a gift from life. Enjoyed!

Thank You for the article ‘Quarrel’! When understand many divorces will not happen. The best ’therapy' is reading article over and over.

‘Why’: Wonderful article!! Man is very conditioned to ask why when something happens. Dr. Shankar explains in detail there is no ‘why’ in life. Understanding this brings trust, patience and acceptance. Thank You!
Article ‘What (1)’ is wonderful.

Article ‘What (2)’. What precise sound as language is in life. What an intelligence to project an illusion that looks so real that people can communicate. What an understanding to explain this illusion.

Article ‘Motivation’ in English and German is wonderful.

When there is a headache we take a tablet. When the headache is gone we think the tablet is the cause. The article ‘Cure’ explains medicine cannot be the cause of curing. A revelation, for knowledgeable hardly to understand. As explained, life is a transformation-process of energy. Not by cause and effect. When it is meant to cure it will, and will come unpredictable. Patience and trust in life is the key! Thank You!!

I want this or that is only possible if man or woman can do. As Dr. Shankar explains doing by man is impossible in a moment because the moment is not made by man or woman.  ‘Want’ is a Wonderful article!! Thank You!

Sonia Ostrikoff, Canada.
Dear Dr.Shankar, 
This morning I came upon a quote on the academy's fb page "Knowledge is never ending. Wisdom ends once the puzzle is complete." and I was wondering if you would please say more about that. I very much appreciate all that you share. Regards,
Reply to Sonia by Dr. Shankar
Never ending knowledge is a drama based on judgment and right and wrong. The drama is a puzzle which man tries to solve using knowledge which further strengthens the drama and does not solve the puzzle. Wisdom is not a drama because it is neither based on judgement nor on right and wrong, which solves the puzzle.

Sigrid, Munich
Namaste dear Dr. Shankar,
Years ago Dr. Shankar has conveyed that the mind is a "Question-asking-Mirror". This is its function. The questions how, why, where, what and when have established a monumental reality of sorts in the lives of man, woman or child. Questioning takes us away from  the timeless 'now'. The new articles 'HOW', 'WHY', 'WHERE', 'WHAT' and 'WHEN' bring us back to the always present moment. Very clearly Dr. Shankar explains that the moment is precise in content and timing, neither early nor late. Neither the moment nor its content has a cause and it is not made by man or woman. Everything is as it is in any moment in life and cannot be otherwise. Wisdom reveals that senses, actions and words happen to man and woman by the intelligence in life in the moment as an illusory drama. Every raging river - likewise understanding - starts with a trickle. Reading these articles the understanding may increase and deepen the way it is meant to.  Counting my blessings with awe and gratitude


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