Wisdom-letter August 2020


By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Enlightenment is peace every moment."

Isha Upanishad

Om Puurnnam-Adah Puurnnam-Idam Puurnnaat-Puurnnam-Udacyate 
Puurnnasya Puurnnam-Aadaaya Puurnnam-Eva-Avashissyate 
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih 

Wisdom Meaning:
Om is whole sound.
Puurnnam-Adah is whole outer world
Puurnnam-Idam is whole inner world.
Part of the whole is whole because the whole and part is appearances of whole atma/soul/consciousness in every whole moment.
Om and Peace, Peace, Peace is also whole appearances of atma/soul/consciousness in every whole moment.


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Article "Enlightenment"
CD "Enlightenment"
Wisdom Quotes "Enlightenment"
Song  "Imagine"

Article: ‘Enlightenment’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

The word enlightenment is not modern; it is ancient. Nobody is sure, or can be sure, when this word surfaced in man’s psyche. But it is present and well preserved through aeons of time and has not been erased from man’s spiritual vocabulary. It has lived the test of time and time has not been able to abolish it. In fact, it is now revered as much as it ever was, if not more. It circulates very much in spiritual circles that have mushroomed abundantly to date; it is found in spiritual scriptures; it is a topic in social gossip and the subject of ridicule or baloney to some. It is also the content of debate over a cup of tea amongst philosophers and thinkers alike. 
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Comments: ‘Enlightenment’

Julian Capper, UK
Countless are the words available to man as the means for communicating whatever is intended. This article is a remarkable insight into the power of words and of one word in particular: ‘enlightenment’. The significance of the word ‘enlightenment’ in determining the beliefs and practices of generations of men and women is gifted here. Here is a deep understanding of the authority of the spoken or written word over the thinking mind which seeks a spiritual alternative to the supposed realities of daily existence. In man’s quest for change and betterment, even for the enlightenment that already lights his every moment, he is unaware of the aliveness that gives and maintains his very being. To read further click here… To read in German click here…

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
To seek enlightenment results from the hopelessness of striving for lasting happiness in the world of mind, of duality. However, the spiritual offers that are made available to man on his path are based on premises that have not been examined for their reality: Time, action, cause and effect. The Enlightened Beings, like Dr. Shankar here, explain this misunderstanding, which can imprison a person forever in the labyrinth of his mind, no matter what he thinks he is doing about it. A deeper understanding of enlightenment reveals itself in the moment when the mind with thoughts is spontaneously understood as an illusion. So the unknowable moment remains as enlightenment, which is life, and this living moment also includes the human being. 

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, England 
When mind’s thoughts  seem to overwhelm  the consciousness of mind, such that there is darkness and despair, the gift of the beginningless and endless wisdom of enlightenment and the enlightened may be bestowed – if it is meant to be. Thus, once again man meets balance in his life; once again he comes close to meeting himself. Once again, such gratitude for the wisdom-letter July 2020.

Marcus, Germany
Thank you for the latest Wisdom-Letter with the wonderful article ‘What is the mind?’  Also enjoyed all the letters to the Academy as always! The song “Windmill of you mind” is wonderful, music and lyrics!

Sreehari Balaji, India.
My deep heartfelt thanks for being instrumental in the journey of exploration of "Life as it is". Wishing you a Good health for the wisdom to flow and reach humanity.

Sigrid, Munich.
My gratitude for the new article `SEE MANY´. It bestows a deep insight that life evolves continuously every moment as growth as a precise movement, which man or woman cannot make, mold, alter or sustain. Life in total goes in only one way, but appears diverse to the human mind. How safe we are in the moment which is always ´here and now`. This is paradise regained. Thank you.

Sigrid, Munich.
Thank you for the touching quote: "The heart is calm when it rests in the moment, which is without a thought." The last articles in july 'Lazy', 'Surety' and 'Instruction(1)' bring us back to the moment which is always here and now. It is crystal clear that the moment is manifested by the Intelligence in life, which is consciousness, and not by man or woman. This moment is like a bridge over troubled water which will ease the mind and life is as it is.

Gerard, Netherlands
Life is fresh every moment. Your articles are fresh every moment. Article “enlightenment” has to be read over and over again and brings Humanity to understand Life as it is. Wonderful! Thank You!!

Elisabeth, Netherlands
We received the Wisdom Letter for July and what a joy it is to read. The article 'What is the mind?' and the deep meaning in the article reflected in a wisdom quote and a song is so precious. And thanks also to Gerard who edits this Wisdom Letter with so much care, it truly is a wonderful presentation he makes for us. I wonder how his reflection garden with the quotes written on boards to contemplate while strolling through the garden is at the moment. We love Gerard.

Dory, Netherlands 
Even Gurupurnima evolved from “Physical” meeting to “virtual” meeting. All as it is meant to be in the singular movement of life. It was wonderful to see you. Thank you for the new article “See Many”. Life’s intelligence is infinite. Life’s creativity is infinite. Life’s beauty is infinite. Life’s power is infinite. Life’s diversity is infinite. It can only leave man and woman in awe.

Diny, Netherlands 
Thank so much for this beautiful article ‘Hear Diverse’.

Kalpna, UK 
Article ‘Lazy’ is amazing article, My lazy mind had to switch on to grasp the depth of this mind blowing article.  Super super.

Kalpna, UK 
Article ‘Surety’ one more mind blowing article! Incredible!


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