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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Dance is Deep understanding of life"

Article: 'Dance'

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

A dance is a series of steps and movements that match the speed and rhythm of a piece of music. There are many types of dance such as: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Highland, Social and Ballroom dance. Music is sound. There are various sounds and various movements in every moment in nature, such as growth, flowering, blossoming and movements of various species in the animal kingdom. The various sounds in nature and sounds uttered by the animal kingdom are natural music. Therefore, the various movements and sounds in nature signify that nature is in a dance which is natural.
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Comments: Article ‘Dance’

Julian Capper, UK
Understanding the cosmic nature and harmony of the universe in which mankind is destined to make his or her journey in life is the supreme gift of the wise. That it is so is for each one of us to realise, if we are meant to. No part of this universe is out of place or in need of correction or alteration, hard though this may be to acknowledge in the human mind. The human mind experiences diversity and conflict on a daily basis, as it is meant to. Let us welcome the life that is – a play of light and sound, albeit illusory.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
The ego feels good or even enlightened, if it has the feeling of control, so the mind is conditioned. When the ego enters the stage of life it wants to take over the leadership. If it succeeds, this enables the ego to feel good. And the opposite, failure, makes it feel bad. The ego feels good or bad and this depends on certain conditions. Enlightenment is just the opposite: unconditional trust, patience and love in the timeless here and thoughtless now. There is no goal and no way, they are in the mind with thoughts. Enlightenment is the clarity that the ego has no control and you can trust life because it has always happened without the control of the ego.  Enlightenment is simply living of what is, a mysterious and in every moment alive dance of life, because the Enlightened are aware of how the intelligence in life lets everything happen as an illusion that looks as if man created it, which is not the case. The sages by sharing wisdom, like Dr. Shankar in this article, call for dancing with life as it is. 
Wisdom quotes by Dr. Vijai S Shankar part 31 "Dance"

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Song: "Dance"


Letters to AOA:

Julian Capper. UK
Thank you for all that you have gifted and continue to gift to mankind in life. Thank you, Regina, for your amazing support for Dr. Vijai Shankar in all that you provide. Words are insufficient acknowledgement, yet they convey the energy and love for you. The January newsletter is a poignant reminder of what is often taken for granted. The song beautifully reflects this as we accept the invitation to the adventure of life.
Hari, India,
The wisdom in the article in January newsletter opens the mind. The presentation of wisdom quotes the music and pictures by Gerard are wonderful and enchanting.
Marcus, Germany
Enjoyed reading all the letters and enjoyed listening to the song and to the wisdom quotes with the wonderful music in January newsletter.

Marcus, Germany 
The series ‘Attachment’ is essential and enjoyable to me. Also the Notes by Julian are wonderful readings. Thank you.

Marcus, Germany 
Article ‘Appreciation (1)’ is a wonderful article! Thank you.

Bill Kelley, USA
I listened to the song that was sung by Nina Simone,”Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.” In January newsletter. When we live in the mind, life can be difficult. We swing, like a monkey, from mood to mood. When we live life as portrayed in the “Wisdom Quotes”, that appear in this newsletter and are gifted to us by Dr. Shankar, we can live life to its very fullest.

Kalpna Dave, UK
Wisdom quotes in January Newsletter is OMG! absolutely MIND blowing. The music, contents and pictures is mind blowing. The song ‘Don’t let me be misunderstood’ I could listen to this over and over again. It is full of wisdom.
Kalpna Dave, UK 
Article ‘Adventure’ (2). This article is deep and, was very useful for me...I had to read it twice.  Thanks so much. Article ‘Adventure’ (4).  Very nice article...enjoyed it. Thank you. Article ‘Adventure’ (5).  Another super article.  The penultimate para was amazing wisdom. Thanks so much. Article ‘Adventure’ (6).  Omg! what a simple but brilliant article.  I could read this every day as a prayer. 
Thanks so much. Article ‘Adventure’ (7) reminds me that "every situation in life is an adventure " so true. Nice simple article. Thanks so much 
Kalpna Dave, UK 
Article Advice (1) is a practical article with simple understanding.  However, what Marcus wrote was great but a bit complicated! Article Advice (2) is a very nice article. Very relevant and easy to understand. Thanks so much. Article Advice (3) is a nice article explaining difference between knowledge and wisdom in connection to above subject. Super. Thanks so much. Article Advice (4) Deep but very practical article.  The series was very enlightening. Thanks so much

Kalpna Dave, UK 
Article ‘Attachment (1) is a very interesting series on Attachment. The last para is so powerful. Thanks so much. Article Attachment (2). Very nice simple article useful to all in everyday life. Thanks so much. Article Attachment (3). Very nice article with a deeper understanding of Attachment. Thanks so much. Article Attachment (4). The penultimate para of this article is so powerful.  Awesome series. Thanks so much. The analogy of car and driver in article Attachment (5) is very apt and makes rest of the article easy to understand. Thanks so much. Article Attachment (6). This is very simple but powerful article in the Enlightening  series. 'If you observe, your hands are always empty '!Thanks so much. Another wonderful article Attachment (7). The clarity on karma in the beginning was very useful. Thanks so much. Attachment (8). This powerful but direct article brought tears to my eyes. I could read this one article and that would suffice. Incredible wisdom. omg. Thanks so much. Attachment (9). Very simple and straight forward article on Attachment.  Enjoyed it. Thanks so much.

Kalpna Dave, UK 
Article Appreciation (1). Wonderful article...I really appreciated the contents of it. Thanks so much. This article Appreciation (2) is getting more deeper and interesting. Enjoyed reading it. Thanks so much. Article Appreciation (4)  I could totally relate with this article as everything that was not planned happened today. Omg...what an eye opener. Thanks so much. Article Appreciation (5)  Absolutely mind blowing article...amazing  simply amazing. Thanks so much. Article Appreciation (6)  Deep but very precise article tackling every aspect layer by layer. Super.  Thanks so much. Appreciation (7), Absolutely a beautiful article compelling one to look around nature to Appreciate Life...super super super.  Thanks so much, Article ‘Appreciation (8)’. Step by step explanation is commendable... incredible article. Thanks so much

Harrie, Netherlands
The seven articles of ‘Adventure’ were hitting me. In principle, or better theoretical it was known for me, but reading this articles I saw what adventure really means and I saw also how often we go for security in daily life missing the adventure! Thanks for this clarification, with love.

Randy, Netherlands 
I am left speechless and grateful every time I read the latest article slowly and carefully. And Sandra too when I read it out loud to her. Though familiarity with the words which are used is there, the wisdom which is shared is always alive and fresh. Just beautiful. Thank you.

Gerard, Netherlands 
Article series ‘Appreciation’ and ‘Attachment’ are Wonderful articles, Thank You!!

Sigrid, Munich
The mind-blowing articles in January had again a tremendous impact on me. Thank you eternally for guiding us unabated through meanwhile 728 articles. This process of understanding keeps deepening and widening with no limitations at all. Amazing grace! It dawns on me how deep life is and how superficial the mind. The 9 articles on ‘ATTACHMENT’ bestow a clear understanding that we come empty-handed and we go empty-handed. In between happens a displacement of energy which appears temporarily as 'mine', as attachment and missing. By transformation and movement life has given many superimposed labels in the mind - varied labels for doing, thinking and speaking. Aliveness is the only energy that does not change. Realising this opens the door to freedom. The series of articles titled ‘APPRECIATION’ are remarkable striking and a benevolent blessing for me. We were not educated to appreciate the intelligence in life rather we are conditioned to expect from life. When we understand that everything is precisely in its place every moment as a transformation of energy, we will no longer be dependent on our thoughts. We will appreciate this wonderful life, whatever form, shape or colour may appear in front of us. Appreciation changes everything. I am deeply touched by the calmness and contentment these articles may deliver if it is meant to. With love and gratitude and my best wishes.

Elisabeth, Netherlands
What a phenomenal satsang is ’Senses (2). Do we exactly know what is meant by seeing and hearing? You emphasize that our knowing should be complete, not halfway, Man has not understood the senses deeply, how the mind works. How vision and sound bring about this manifestation. We are not seeing, we are identifying. We are not hearing, we are interpreting, the two phenomena operating in the mind. I am in deep awe after listening to SENSES-2. It has touched me to the core. With gratitude.

Gerard Benerink
Articles “appreciation”  are an Invitation in life.
Wonderful!! Thank You!


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