Wisdom-letter June 2020


By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Hard feelings are illusions of light and sound."

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Article: ‘Hard feelings’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Hard feelings are resentment or bitter indignation, meaning anger or annoyance at having been treated unfairly. If you say ' no hard feelings', you are making an agreement with someone not to be angry or annoyed about anything as a good will gesture. Why be concerned for the future which does not exist? Understand deeply that the present, which exists, is as the ‘here and now’. Life manifests the present ‘here and now’ and neither man nor woman presents the ‘here and now’. 
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Comments: ‘Hard feelings’

Julian Capper, UK
In knowledge man lives in a world of judgements and opinions energised by life’s intelligence. Judgements and opinions are justified by beliefs and ideas held in the conditioned mind, which may be accompanied by negative emotions. Man commonly uses the expression the ‘here and now’ to draw attention away from situations imagined to have happened or to be about to happen. Or to apply himself efficiently to the task before him, such as an athlete attempting a new height in pole vault. The wise understand that the here and now is a single, eternal moment in life that flows precisely as it will. The whole of existence is within the moment, the present moment here and now. All else is illusion – the play of light and sound.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
This article does not advise the reader to suppress his or her hard feelings, which are present from time to time. There is an invitation to live all feelings as they are, without expressing them. This is based on the understanding that resentment and other negative emotions cannot serve life in harmony with oneself and others. The drama remains in the mind and is not shifted to the outside. Thus its illusory power cannot create any apparent reality and does not cause any harm.

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Letters to AOA:

Hari, India,
The presentation of wisdom quotes, photos, and the contents in Wisdom-letter may 2020 by Gerard is superb.

Julian, England 
Wisdom-letter May 2020 is sun, light and beacon of truth for the world. What a beautiful message for mothers, fathers, wives and husbands. Essential reading, blessed reading for families. So moving.

Marcus, Germany
Have read the wisdom-letter may 2020 diligently and enjoyed it very much. The new title is spot on, because wisdom is not news. News is opinions disguised as absolute truth as we can watch every day in the newspapers and on TV as well as in our own minds. Knowledge is new or old, because old knowledge may be refuted soon. Wisdom, which is irrefutable, is expressed always freshly, but is not "new". Fresh are the new words of wisdom in the articles, as well as the letters to Academy. Thank you and all.

Diane, USA
Wisdom-letter may 2020 fills any mother’s heart with love. I am sure every mother will send their appreciation. I send my appreciation too.

Diny, Netherlands.
I just read the May Wisdom-letter. What a joy to read. All these years of sharing Your wisdom is beautifully reflected in all the comments of the listeners/readers.

Kalpna, UK.
Hope (6). Another incredible article in this very special series. Really enjoying it. Thanks so much. Hope (7). What a powerful article.  The analogy with golf ball was good. Thanks so much. Enjoyed reading this article.  Very simple and easy to understand. Hope 8 and 9 is super super. Thanks so much. Last article in this series Hope (10)...absolute cracker! Each word each para is a gem. Thanks so much

Kalpna, UK.
Omg...what a start to this another beautiful series ‘I try, I tried. I am trying’. Para 5 was spot on. Thanks so much. Omg...I don't know how you pick up the topics, but it is soooooo  interesting and gives insight into our crazy mindset. Thanks so much.
‘I try, I tried. I am trying’ Mind blowing series, very simple to understand and really fascinating. Thanks so much. Article 4 in the series is nice, simple and easy to understand article. Thanks so much.The last in the series ‘I try, I tried. I am trying’. One of the best articles...absolutely top class.. Thanks so much

Kalpna, UK.
Read the first article of the series ‘I Want’...simple to start with but then it was getting serious…absolutely clear. Thanks so much. ‘I want (2) another beautiful article in this amazing series. Thanks so much. ‘I want (3) Beautiful ending to this beautiful short series.  Very powerful and deep. Thanks so much

Sigrid, Munich
What a surprising presentation - the Newsletter for May has transformed and sophisticated into a most beautiful Wisdom-letter. I just love it! Enjoyed reading the wonderful article and wisdom quotes 'Mother' and all the letters to AOA full of love and gratitude. What a blessed big family we are. The song is touching my heart tremendously. I am still melting in tears. Love is in the air and everywhere. Mother Earth is carrying me. Everything is taken care of. What an endless delight! Thank you
Letter to AOA:
Sigrid, Munich 
This month I was pondering a lot about Dreams and Dreaming - listening to the 5 CDs from 2005 and 2007 on that topic. Dreams are a clue and clear indication to understand the waking state to be an illusionary dream as well. Finally the reading of the chapters 'Dreaming' and 'Illusions' in your book Kaivalya Gita Volume 2 happened again. For me the second Volume is the pinnacle of wisdom and the light shining through these words is blinding me. My goodness, everything falls into place now...........My head at your feet! With love and gratitude

Dory, Netherlands
Just read ‘I try, I tried, I am trying (5)’. What articles!!! Amazing and Beautiful.
Thank you for the articles “I try, I tried, I am trying”. They are beautiful. For man life seems to be a task that can only be accomplished by trying and practicing. That is how man appears to be in life. Man will progress through trial and error. The more man is attached to something, the more efforts will be made to achieve or keep it. But it isn't the right way to understand life. Man is conditioned to think so. These articles clarify how trying and attachment are etched in the minds of man and maintaining the belief that life can be achieved by trying. Man is attached not only to what he wants to achieve, but also to the trying to achieve the goal. The articles clarifies that everything and everyone is traveling in life and meet whom and what it has to meet. When understood, it leaves man in peace with daily life: everything is as it is. Thank you for sharing.
Dory, Netherlands
As all articles, the series “Hope” is very beautiful.  Hope is very much present in daily life, sometimes very clear, sometimes very hidden but always accompanied by feelings of anxiety, disappointment and jealousy. Always accompanied with a longing for something to start or end. Even while writing this the hope for a friendly answer is present somewhere. The articles not only reveal  the function of hope in the thoughtful mind as being illusory but they also increase the understanding of the thoughtful and thoughtless mind, both as a reflection of life, Inextricably linked to life and always in its right place. Thank you for sharing your wisdom

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Life provides everything to everybody. It looks we have to do, to try, yet Dr. Shankar explains clearly to try is an illusion. It looks a child is trying to walk, to bike. It looks a bird is catching a fish. What is meant to have, you will have.  How life goes is up to life, not to mind. What a wonder!! The series of articles ‘I try, I tried, I am rying’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Transformation process life is a big miracle! The series ‘I want’ is wonderful articles!!

CD Deep understanding (2)
Elisabeth, Netherlands

Why does love become hate? You explain how initially as we grow up love happens to children through objects, first love happens to us through objects. Consciousness itself comes in the form of objects and love happens. Man loves objects because objects are without an ego, Personal love will happen to you exactly the way love happened to you through your objects. Nobody can fall in love on its own accord. Each one's ego will try to convert each other into an object. That is why the mind becomes possessive. You can only possess objects, not persons. What a revelation. Objects are thoughts. There is so much in this CD to chew on. Very much enjoyed. Thank you,

Elisabeth, Netherlands
What profound articles ´I try, I tried, I am trying´. Life has spun its web of illusion very beautifully from inside out just as a spider spins his web from inside out. Life is one eternal spider which will not stop spinning its web of illusions. Even without our trying things will come if they are meant to come. What we are in contact with is also included along with us precisely in the journey of life. The enlightened realise that life gifts what it is meant to gift in any moment whether we like it or not. Such is acceptance. The enlightened live with those who try or do not try. Very grateful for Your sharing. 

Bill Kelley, USA
I have read the article on “Hope”, and enjoyed it. I have been reading the articles for about a year and enjoy them immensely. I just read “Feelings(3)”,and enjoyed it.  


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