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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Worry and Problem pass by."

Article: 'Worry and Problem'

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

‘Trust and Patience’
Man is worried and it is a problem to him when something does or does not happen. He is equally worried and it is a problem to him when there is something he does or does not do, but yet it happens. Man is certain that he did not do certain things and believes that they have either happened or somebody has done them. Everyone believes the same. This implies that there is always something, which man has not done, but yet it happens. 
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Comments: 'Worry and Problem'

Julian Capper, UK 
There is a word in the English language borrowed from the ancient Greek – dilemma. It has a more modern equivalent – between a rock and a hard place. The belief that man is often faced with having to choose between two solutions to an issue facing him is founded on the conviction that he is the doer. So he has a dilemma, a problem to solve. Even when he or she, as he firmly believes, has made the decision, he may still be worried as to whether it is the right decision – even years later. Patience and trust are gifted to man in his life for whatever comes his way. This article and this understanding from the wise has come his way. Patience and trust are always present for man, undemanding and silent. 

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
Worries and problems are everywhere in the mind of man. They hit us suddenly, they linger around and are never completely gone, because when one problem has faded away, the next one surely pops up later. Expectations and hopes about what someone does or does not are the main reason for worries and problems. Welcome life the way it is meant to happen, with all the good things and bad things that happen (and only appear to be done by man!). The enlightened are aware that good and bad deeds are thoughts in the mind, not a reality in life. In order to help the reader understand worries and problems in relation to the illusion of man as a doer, Dr. Shankar gives important clues for pondering in the article “Worry and Problem“.
Wisdom quotes by Dr. Vijai S Shankar part 32 "Worry and Problems"

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Letters to AOA:

Hari, India,
The wisdom in the article in February newsletter opens the heart. The presentation of wisdom quotes the music and pictures by Gerard are wonderful. The song ‘Dance me to the end of love’ and the dance in the song is wonderful.

Elisabeth, Netherlands
How to work out the question ´who am I´? In the profound articles ‘AWAKENING’ with wonderful notes from the editor and the translator, Dr. Shankar reveals that this question is a deep understanding process through which one passes to remember what he or she has forgotten. That process is life itself. When you are in the here and now you will be in the awakening process of enlightenment. So much enjoyed every article. Thank You for sharing. What a journey to self-awareness. With deepest gratitude, Elisabeth

Bill Kelly, USA
The wisdom quotes themselves are beyond the mind, the photography is stunning in its quality and detail, and the music is beautiful. Thank you Dr. Shankar for this gift. Thoughts on The ‘Logical Song’. One cannot listen to this interesting song without perhaps remembering photos of one’s early years. Slowly we are changed into something else that causes us to ask who am I? And then the journey begins.Thank you Dr. Shankar.

Marcus, Germany
Enjoyed the article, the wisdom quotes and the video with music and dance!

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Wonderful wisdom quote ´Dance´ in the February Newsletter today with the haunting lyrics and voice of Leonard Cohen in the song ‘Dance Me To The End of Love’. What a sweet surprise. Thank You.

Kalpna Dave, UK.
Article ‘Art 1’ in fact,  SUPER! Thanks so much. Omg...this article Art (2) brought tears to my eyes...I mean with which lens are you looking at Life while we all miss the magic? Incredible article. Thanks so much. Article Art (3) is a small simple article but very nice and clear.  I like this series. Thanks so much. Article Art (4) "The intelligence in life is itself art" ...wow! You have really cracked it. Thanks so much. Article Art (5)  Another mind blowing article....omg...I can’t believe how and where all this wisdom comes from.  Superb. Thanks so much. Article Art (6) The last article in the series is Brilliant. Thanks so much

Kalpna Dave, UK.
Article ‘Appreciation (9)’ is Absolutely brilliant article...explaining everything step by step. Amazing.  Amazing. This article ‘Appreciation (10)’  is a pure gem. It encompasses everything you say in one article in a very effective but powerful way.  Superb. Thanks so much.

Kalpna Dave, UK.
Article ‘Awakening (1)’ is Mind blowing start to this new series...every para is loaded with fantastic explanation. Thanks so much. This article ‘Awakening (2)’  has to be read a few times at least to get to the deep wisdom you are sharing.  Sharp, deep and incredible! Thanks so much. This series ‘Awakening ’ is the CREAM of all series so far I have read. It is mind blowing...every word, every explanation... article ‘Awakening (3) is incredible indeed. Thanks so much. ‘Awakening (4)’  Mind blowing article on listening and hearing..omg..we need to read this over and over again. Marcus's note is good too. Thanks so much. Another excellent article ‘Awakening (5)’   referring mainly to children. Every parent should read it. Super super. Thanks so much This series ‘Awakening’ is absolutely invaluable, including article Awakening (6)...I love it. The penultimate para was really powerful. Thanks so much. Awakening (7)...Absolutely a master stroke! Incredible article...omg. Thanks so much. Awakening (8).Omg...I nearly cried when I was reading this article.  How much are you trying to make us understand and understand. Thanks so much. Awakening (9) Omg....what a cracker of an article...omg! No one in this Universe can even attempt to explain the way how you do. Thanks so much. This series ‘Awakening’ is the ultimate in understanding of Life. Mind blowing wisdom in every para in Awakening (10).Thanks so much. Awakening (11).This article helped me a lot. Awakening (12) in this series is the height of everything. Each word, each para is full of gems.  Absolutely tops. Thanks so much. Awakening (13) is another superb article in this mind blowing series.  Simple but with deep understanding. Thanks so much. Omg...I can't believe Awakening (14) that this is the last article in this POWERFUL series.  The series was absolutely mind blowing. Incredible. Thanks so much

Kalpna Dave, UK.
Another excellent article ‘What does reality mean?’...PURE ADVATA! Simple but clear explanation...amazing! Thanks so much

Kalpna Dave, UK.
Article ‘What does illusory mean? Another top notch article loaded with incredible wisdom being the best gift to humanity. Thanks so much

Kalpna Dave, UK.
Beautiful simple article ‘Aliveness’...to the point and very easy to understand.  Perfect! Thanks so much.

Kalpna Dave, UK.
Needed to read this loaded article ‘Absolute Understanding’ a few times...difference between intelligent understanding and intellectual understanding was stunning. Marcus's advice to be relaxed when reading it was helpful too.
Thanks so much.

Kalpna Dave, UK.
Senses (1) in the new series...wonderful subject. Had to read it 3 times to get into it.  Fantastic.  Specially the last para.  Awesome. Thanks so much. Senses (2)  Beautiful article.  Much to ponder upon.  Thanks so much

Gerard, Netherlands 
The articles Awakening series ‘What can be said’... Words cannot express gratitude and the significance of the articles. The articles will help man to understand deeply! Beautiful notes!! 

Sigrid, Munich
Dear Guruji,
Following the 14 articles titled 'AWAKENING' brings me down on my knees in awe and gratitude. I am struggling for appropriate words once again. For me these articles signify the essence of Advaita and the zenith of wisdom. Life, when we understand it deeply - what an amazing journey, where knowledge and memory cannot go. Knowledge indicates the process of concentration and a stepwise gathering of words. The presence of an ego and time will be indispensable necessary. Knowledge is a dream and keeps us asleep. The articles 'Awakening' bestow total clarity that the process of awakening is life itself as it happens every moment. A process we have to go through to remember and realise what we have forgotten, that our true Self is Light! We are Silence that is behind every sound or noise. Awakening is a deep, understanding process that is completed in the moment 'here and now' by the intelligence in life and not by the ego. Life is whole and not linear. All of it is precise and precious. None of it is real. This clarity is overwhelming. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a magnanimous opportunity to relax into life! Furthermore I always enjoy and appreciate reading the notes of Julian and Marcus very much. My gratitude for them as well. With love and best wishes.


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