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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Mother is unconditional love"

Wishing every MOTHER on mother earth “Happy Mother’s Day”


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Article "Mother"
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Article: Mother

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

‘Unconditional love’
A mother is the greatest gift from God to her husband and to her children. Who a mother is needs to be understood wisely because a wise mother brings peace and harmony in the house. Every girl born grows up from a teenage girl to a young lady and later as a mature woman. A mature woman wishes, wants and desires to get married and be married. She dreams of marriage to have children and raising her family....
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Comments: Mother ‘Unconditional love’

Julian Capper, UK
The intelligence of life grants life without condition to every creature that is born. There are no exceptions to this. In the evolutionary process of a human life, however, conditions may develop that determine the quality and outcome of relationships. Yet, there is not one of us who does not cherish the love and guidance of mother in our family. The understanding of the wise, as gifted in this article, is a wonderful gift for every family to share.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
A mother is the heart of the family. Every child needs the mother to grow up happily. Often  mothers have so much work at home and sometimes outside the house too, to earn some money which is needed for the family‘s income. Therefore there are many situations in which a mother has too much to do at once. No wonder that she is need of help and, if she does not get the help, she wants things done her way. But this is not the situation Dr. Shankar refers to in the article “Mother“. The need to have things done “my way“ is a common conditioning of the mind. It signifies a lack of patience and love. If it is recognised as a play of the ego, and nothing wrong with the ego in the first place, the need to get things done “my way“ can transform into openness for life, meaning that things happen always in “life‘s way“. This understanding is wisdom, this understanding is love. And as Dr. Shankar often states, the depth of understanding reflects the actions, words and thoughts of the individual, albeit illusory.

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Letters to AOA:

Hari, India,
The presentation of wisdom quotes, photos, and the contents in April newsletter by Gerard is superb.

Marcus, Germany
The April newsletter was wonderful as always.

Julian, England 
How refreshing is this article on pandemic. It is a breath of fresh air that releases the reader from this cave of alarm and death. Would that this understanding penetrate the human mind with knowledge. If it is meant to. Deep gratitude for this gift of understanding.

Julian, England
I have just read the April newsletter’ and listened. The article ‘Right and wrong’ is a remarkable thesis and insight into one of mankind’s most troubling issues that it has inherited in its lifetime. It needs to be posted to every university and place of learning in every country and in every language. If the virus can reach everybody, why not this also? The selected song I have loved for decades by Edith Piaf – an extraordinary French artist and singer that performed in public. It is a lovely inclusion in the newsletter.

Julian, England 
Thank you for Osho clip with message that ‘Life is not a problem – it is a mystery to be lived.’ Such a lucid understanding that man has yet to understand, if he is meant to. Mind with thoughts demands answers to questions. Answers beget tribes of questions ad infinitum.

Kalpna, UK
I am speechless! Omg! By the April Newsletter. The quote and the divine music....just took me to the next level. The article 'Right and Wrong’ is one we all need to read over and over again specially at these times. Marcus's comments were spot on too. Thanks so much

Kalpna, UK
Because 5. Most powerful article in this series so far...mind blowing. Thanks so much. Because (6). Another cracking article in this mind blowing topic.  Too good. Thanks so much

Kalpna, UK
Conviction is another beautiful series…omg. The penultimate para in Conviction (2) is so powerful.  Thanks so much. Conviction (3). Another excellent article...4th para was spot on.Thanks so much. Conviction (4). Beautiful article indeed. Thanks so much. Article Conviction (5) was quite intense...I had to read it 3 times. Thanks so much. Conviction (6) another powerful article in this powerful series.  Quite intense though. Thanks so much. When I was reading Conviction (6, 7 and 8) article, tears were flowing...not because I had better understanding,  but I was thinking of you as to how this incredible wisdom comes out. Thanks so much. Conviction (9) This article in the series was a real eye opener. Thanks so much.

Kalpna, UK 
Creation (1).A good start to this new series. Enjoying it. Thanks so much. Creation (2). This is a beautiful series and I am enjoying it. Thanks so much. Creation (3). Really nice series. Enjoying it and understanding it. Thanks so much. Creation (4).Beautiful series ends here. Enjoyed it. Thanks so much

Kalpna, UK 
Yes, just started this new series ‘Feelings’.  It's very interesting and revealing. Thanks so much. Feelings (2) Wonderful article indeed. Thanks so much, Feelings (3) is a good article specially the penultimate one. Thanks so much. Feelings (4)Very simple lovely article with insight to nature and our feelings. Beautiful. Thanks so much, Last article Feelings (5) in this beautiful series was very helpful in understanding connection between weather to our feelings  and much more. Thanks so much.

Kalpna, UK 
Article ‘Gifts of life’ is Absolutely a beautiful article...spot on. Awesome. Thanks so much

Kalpna, UK 
Just started reading the first article in this new series (Hope)...and it seems so interesting that it touches the nerve of a reader! I am looking forward to reading rest of the articles for sure. Thanks so much. Hope (2). Brilliant article...I read it twice....super. Thanks so much. Hope (3). Light and Sound...what a lovely article on hope. Fantastic! Thanks so much. Hope (4). Thoughts...omg...what a mind blowing article on Hope...suuuuper! Thanks so much

Diny, Netherlands.
Dear Dr. Shankar. 
It is not easy to write this letter. I do my best. Our last visit, You told us that the human body has many viruses and bacteria. Still the body lives. There is much information. People are dying and there is panic. For me, as I understand, people are dying all the time. And the mind says it is because of corona, cancer, heart, everything is possible. One day this body will pass away. Many things are possible. This time is an opportunity for man to look in to life. Everything man takes for granted, and that man can arrange their whole life. Now people see they cannot. And that everything is in God hands . What a relief. I'm enjoying my daily life. The garden the son, and Harrie. With great thanks and love. 

Harrie, Netherlands.
I read the article. It was very interesting though the emphasis lies only on the mortality rate. Corona – or better the approach of corona –  has of course a tremendous  impact on social life, economics, overloading medical hospitals etc. But this is a consequence of the stressed measures of the authorities and the dominating attention in the media. Nevertheless I agree with the article though we don’t yet know what the numbers of died people will be in the end of the year. What strikes me mostly in this days: it seems that people are not allowed to die, even those who are standing anyhow on the threshold of death. And all that because the common idea of death as a mysterious black hole, an absolute end of life. What a taboo!  And what a lack of understanding of life and death. This is in my opinion the base of all the panic and fear of the whole story of corona we see around. Thanks for sending me the article because they are quite rare. With love.

Sigrid, Munich
Thank you for the fascinating article on Covid 19. Life demonstrates very clearly how easily we get disturbed, frightened and terrorized by a totally mind made crisis all over the planet. Repeated lies in mainstream media becomes the truth. Your sharing over the years has offered an understanding how this illusory drama gets manifested through thinking only. From many angles you have covered it all: opinions, believes, conclusions, interpretations .......up to the illusory nature of planning and preventing. The clarity is happening from within. (I even remember your narration what we find if we look for insect legs in chocolate.) Currently the articles titled 'Conviction' explain in depth that there are no actions, events or situations in life. The drama is very intricate and highly sophisticated now. It is an invitation of life to get transformed rather to get informed. Let's take the jump, if it is meant to. With love and gratitude

Sigrid, Munich 
My daily visit on the website of the AOA gives me always great joy, be it a new fresh article or an old fresh article, an answer to a question, wisdom quotes, a song or Gerard's beautiful pictures. Light and sound in perfection! I am grateful to life that my interest in Advaita has never subsided or faded away. When I receive the monthly newsletter, it's a special highlight and blessing by itself. The April newsletter hit the nail on the head with one of my favourite songs: 'Non Je Ne Regrette Rien'' with the overwhelming voice of Edith Piaf. Thank you so much. Yes, there is nothing to regret because everything happens for good only. The article from 2009 and wisdom quote headlined 'Right and Wrong'' is advaita pure, a touching orchestra of wisdom and harmony. I can imagine how much care and diligence is necessary to establish and actualise the website continuously. My love and gratitude to you and all the helping hands. I appreciate tremendously that we can share and communicate as a big family. It's a treasure and priceless opportunity. All words fall short. I feel so blessed that I could embrace the whole world. Thank you

Sigrid, Munich 
The article HOPE 1 hit me tremendously - to the very core. Overwhelming simple and clear! Like Julian I can only note: ' Yes, yes and yes again.' Thank you, thank you and thank you again! With love and gratitude

Sigrid, Munich 
Reading the set of articles 'FEELINGS' repeatedly I have to express my gratitude for the clarity and depth of understanding they provide. Feelings can make the waking state a nightmare or a sweet dream. Hard feelings create different degrees of friction as a drama of light and sound. All feelings come from one tremendously intelligent source from within, appearing as duality in the mind. They leave us accepted or rejected. We judge and describe them as good and bad, right and wrong. It is distinctly explained that particular feelings may or may not happen. They are changing uncontrollably and - without a gap -  replaced by another. Like weather in nature all the four elements are present as sound in the mind, expressing as feelings. Feelings are everywhere because of touch. Since every atom is light and all the four elements are present right through the universe, there is oneness. These articles, if deeply understood, help us to live any particular feeling without labelling or describe it. Their limitless variety may be admired and become the spice in every day’s life. Better now than never!

Dori, Netherlands
Thank you for the wonderful articles “Because 1 to 6”.  Enjoyed them all. The articles shed a beautiful light on the role of the word "because" in everyday life. It keeps man firmly anchored in the illusion of everyday life. By understanding the word and its role, the light also shines on life as it manifests itself. A gift to mankind.

Andreas, Munich
What a show of light and sound! What an illusory drama in the mind and not in life. Thank You again for being with us - as life itself - and for Your wisdom that You share with us all the time. The statement "mind knows best, life knows better" is very obvious these days. There is nothing wrong or right, everything is illusory and not real, except Life or Light itself. All there is, is Light - so we have to be Light making sound. What a beautiful understanding which happens when it is meant to happen.

Barbara, Munich
Thanks to your sharing, I enjoy every moment of the rich life behind my self-made mask. Nobody knows and this is so obvious now! I love you!!!

Barbara, Munich 
I have read the April Newsletter with great attention like always and I am very grateful for the passed wisdom. The new article series ‘CREATION’  touches me very much and every single article brings me more to relax into life!  It helps me to surrender to the moment and to admire the Real Doer! I look forward to reading the upcoming articles. Thank you very much for your wisdom in my life!

Barbara, Munich
How wonderful is Life’s  creation in the article CREATION (4) expressed! How rich I can be with this understanding! Thank so much!!!

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Hope is Wonderful article. Man hopes for health. Man hopes life will go “normal” again. Man hopes he can ‘do' his work. Man has not realized life will not go as the mind thinks. Understanding "life happens” is the key, and deeply explained by Dr. Shankar in books, CD’s and website.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
The article ‘Hope’ is a "hole in one”. Man is never satisfied about the weather. It is too dry or it is too wet, too cold, too warm, too windy, and so it is in the mind. Also in religion hope is a big issue. They pray for a better life and have instructions how to hope. In spirituality they hope meditation will help. This article when understood brings clarity that hope in an illusion. Man will accept life as it is every moment. Thank You!!

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Thank You for sending me the articles in the link. Peter Andrews' comments on the health systems and governments having tunnel vision for this one ailment is evident. That even when Covid-19 deaths are recorded, how could it be that people are dying from the virus or just with it? It is an eye opener to see last year's death rate statistics compared to the amount of deaths since the virus, like Candace Owens shows. I just finished reading the astonishing 9 articles about Conviction. We have to understand that duality cannot be rejected and it will happen the way it is meant to happen, albeit illusory. Patient acceptance and understanding that whatever happens during our journey is meant to happen, may be the path towards our true nature. Such kind sharing. And also a new article: Creation. Thank You.

Elisabeth, Netherlands 
The articles FEELINGS (1 - 5) reveal that it is not up to you or to anyone to control or blame feelings. Just as the feeling of weather is always present, there is no gap between feelings. Feelings will change if they are meant to change. To accept all the feelings and emotions that happen to the mind and accept life as it is in every moment is a beautiful sharing by Dr. Shankar.. Thank You. With deep gratitude

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Deep Understanding (1) CD satsang was shared by You in the year 2000. I re-listen over and over again. A deep understanding of life, of this illusion. Where am I? Who am I? And what is this? And Your answers in Questions and Answers is also deep understanding. What a blessing. 

Randy Bruer, Netherlands
Dear Dr. Shankar,
Thank you for sharing the video of Osho. It is a joy to listen to authentic wisdom. Every man and woman is looking for answers and solutions every day of his or her life, leaving them anxious, frustrated, angry, tired and many of them also in need of psychological or psychiatric support. It reminds me of a quote in Seasons of Life: “Do not look for anything in life, just look at life”, which means a lot to me, leaving me peaceful and grateful. Thank you,


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