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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Accept life as it is in any moment."

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Article "Acceptance"
Wisdom Quotes "Acceptance"

Article: ‘Acceptance’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Everyone wants and likes to be at ease in every moment with everyone in every situation or circumstance in daily life. Everyone accepts every situation or circumstance to be what they believe it should be so that they could be at ease. Even if the situation or circumstance is what they accept it to be, everyone however is not at ease in every moment in any situation or circumstance in daily life.
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Comments: ‘Acceptance’

Julian Capper, UK
There is no one who is not familiar with experiences of inclusion, exclusion and conclusion in their life. Each of us, therefore, is familiar with experiences of shutting in, shutting out and shutting off. These are gifts of life, albeit illusory. Each of these experiences is like a door which is shut. There are no doors in life, nor can there be for life is an endless flow. Understanding this is the gift of enlightenment.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich 
Acceptance is taught in many spiritual schools as well as by psychologist. But acceptance is nothing man or woman could learn by will and choice. Therefore acceptance also means to accept that the mind does not accept. Otherwise acceptance is mere knowledge and not wisdom. In order to deepen the understanding of acceptance, reading Dr. Shankar’s article “Acceptance“ may help tremendously, if is meant to happen. 

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, England 
Please receive my thoughts on the newsletter so generously and precisely presented at the start of each month by the unending compassion for humanity of Dr Shankar.
Rare and priceless is the guidance given to each one of us here on the understanding of man’s commitment in his daily, waking life to action. Man the doer is the conviction that holds, in thrall, every human being that has lived, is now living and is yet to be born. This conviction is the barrier to appreciation of the intelligence of life and to self-realisation. Life itself is the pathway for each one of us, neither right nor wrong. Live it as it happens. It is here and now; it is aliveness. With love and deep gratitude.

Marcus Stegmaier, Stuttgart
Thank you for the wisdom-letter February 2021. A profound article on action! Wonderful wisdom-quotes with beautiful photos and harmonious music! And as always I do enjoy the letters to the academy!
In the article it is written "In life, it is rare to find anyone who only does actions that should be done and does not do actions that should not be done. Social etiquette and circumstances make it appear that there are people who only do what should be done and do not do anything that should not be done.“ In today's global situation, it seems to be constantly about doing the "right" thing and not doing the "wrong" thing. This is also and especially instilled in children. The conditioning of the human mind has shifted up a gear. This may not seem healthy to some parents as they realize how the children suffer from social control, fear and stigmatization. The article sheds a clear light on this human condition. Action happens in the mind and not in life, which is a singular movement of light and sound. And so it is important and possible, if it is meant to be, to understand how we can all come to a deeper understanding of our own minds in observing these processes. Blaming avoids a deeper understanding, because everything we don't want done to our children by society is also in our own minds, because the conditioning of our own minds is not separate from the rest of humanity. When accusations end, the path of unconditionality begins, leading to wisdom and true love. This is how we give children a home where social conditioning stays at the door. Thus we have the possibility to discover within ourselves the true home of every human being: the timeless Here and thoughtless Now, where everyone is free from any conditioning of the mind. Recently I watched the wonderful DVD "Family" (Denekamp, June 11, 2011 am). How important family is for children, parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts! Everyone who longs for the sense of security should take this DVD to heart and share the understanding, if it happens, with their loved ones through unconditional loving interaction in everyday life. 

Sigrid, Munich
I am very happy and grateful that the wisdom you have shared already twenty years ago has been recorded and is available now in the form of the two CDs WORLD and INNER FLOW. I had to listen several times because each sentence is a revelation by itself. It becomes clear that the direction of the senses is outwards and only through thinking we see the world. This thinking fragments the senses - which are complete without thinking - and this sensual thoughts become our bondage. It is pointed out distinctly that the outward direction is possible only because there is an inner direction present as an contrast. This inner flow the mind cannot comprehend or see. So how to recognise the inner direction? You are guiding us to observe nature and animals. From fishes we can learn that they swim upstream easily without  a mind or effort. To think that we are doing needs a lot of energy. The moment we are aware that all the doing is happening to us (including the thought that we are doing) the energy transforms itself into the inner direction. From thinking we'll start slipping into life as an inward journey. The energy we need for fighting against life, trying to control the mind by suppressing and rejecting, keeps us in the outward direction. Inside direction is life! In awe and gratitude I will keep these CDs close to my heart!
With love and best wishes

Dory, Netherlands
To enjoy life as it appears is a precious gift from life to mankind. Your talks, books, articles and presence guide man to understand life.
The new talks ‘World’ and ‘Inner Flow’ help man to understand how life, which is light, shines through the mind and appears as Physical body, mental life, past and future. I enjoyed listening to it. Thank you for sharing.
Love and hug


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