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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Oneness is life"

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Article "What is Oneness"
Wisdom Quotes "What is Oneness"
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Article: ‘What is Oneness’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

The understanding of oneness is more abstract than clear. Clarity that oneness is all there is has not yet happened to man. The enlightened have nevertheless declared that oneness is all there is. The spiritualists talk about oneness but have not brought clarity to what oneness is. It is difficult for man to accept oneness because logic and reason do not support oneness, but indicate that separateness is present everywhere. Separateness is more obvious than oneness, and separateness is difficult to be denied as well. It is difficult to deny separateness, because the five senses that man has indicate separateness rather than oneness. 
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Comments: ‘What is Oneness’

Julian Capper, UK.
Reason and logic are faculties available to every human being. Education is regarded as an important opportunity for developing these which, along with the senses, act as essential guides in life. No one would deny that this is so. Such is the precision and beauty of life that has gifted man so adequately to live a full and respected life. Nevertheless, the concept of separateness or separate entities that marks your understanding and mine and regards opposites as a real feature in life, however valid that understanding, is resolved by the deep understanding of the wise, as expressed in this article.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
Have you ever pondered about how separation is built up as an illusion in the mind? What the illusion of separation has to do with opposites? How powerful the illusion of words is which have no meaning by itself but only donate meaning to their respective opposite? Oneness is a common topic in spiritual circles. Rarely it is explained. Therefore it is even more rarely understood. Here is the exception: Read the article “What is oneness“ by Dr. Shankar and find many precise explanations in order for clarity to dawn on humanity.

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Letters to AOA:

Julian Capper, UK.
Wisdom letter June 2021 
The gift of wisdom here cannot be measured; the gift of life here cannot be measured; the gift of love here cannot be measured.  Yet wisdom, life and love are being revealed as the essence of who I really am as each human being proceeds on his or her pathway in life. This letter is a wonderful expression of love that dissolves the conditions of mind.

Marcus, Germany
Thank you for the wonderful wisdomletter highlighting the profound and most needed article about Love and Life!
Julian Capper, UK.
“You are a half-wit!” “You haven’t got the wit to understand what I am saying.” Common enough expressions used in daily English comment, albeit by a mind with thoughts and especially as an insult. The chapter on Thinking in KG2 reveals the significance of the ‘witnesser’ understood by a mind without thoughts – a transformation that opens the door to oneness. With gratitude and love,
Sigrid, Munich.
How to find words with a heart full of overwhelming gratitude? Since I met You my life slowly and steadily took a qualitative change. You didn't fulfill my expectations rather made me free of this heavy load of expecting and disappointing. You didn't add any knowledge but released me of the things the mind was protecting and appreciating to be of value. You removed the power of the world of words with their illusory meaning - concepts, believes, judgements, interpretations and conclusions. In hundreds of talks and numerous books You shared timeless wisdom and covered all the aspects of the human mind. Your clear guidance ignited a fire of understanding that revealed the hidden, most precious treasure in us. Our true nature is love, peace, joy and silence. Your living presence was an invitation to a long journey back home, ending where we already are. It feels like a remembrance of the lost paradise. The dual dream continues but life becomes very precious, enjoying the magnificent variety of a beautiful and awesome mental world. You didn't make the world a better place, but You helped me recognise that it is perfect and precise as it is?  Now there is trust in life that everything is happening for good only. Who can ask for more?
In love and gratitude forever 
Dory and Joep, Netherlands.
Happy Guru Poornima.
What a gift of life that you appeared in life to make man understand life.
This gratitude for you is always present.

Srihari Balaji, Chennai.
On this Gurupoornima day , my heartfelt  overwhelming thanks to guruji for planting the seed of wisdom to some and for the blossoming of the seed to some others. Thousands of books galore in the spiritual market place but guruji 's books, articles,videos , interview are direct and penetrates like an arrow in dismantling the root of conditioning in a mysterious way. Once again thanks for the unflinching, uncorrupted, stainless outpouring of pure wisdom and wishing this continues for the years to come by.


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