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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Admiration of the moment as it is; is wisdom."

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Article "Admiration"
Wisdom Quotes "Admiration"

Article: ‘Admiration’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
In everyday life, man and woman like and love certain people and certain things and not everyone and everything. They care and have concern for whom or what they like and love in everyday life. In everyday life, man and woman admire whom or what they like or love. The admiration, however, is not present in every moment, because they do not like or love everyone or everything they have or come across in everyday life. In everyday life, man and woman like, love, admire and have care and concern because they accept it. When man and woman do not accept, they neither like, love, admire or have care and concern for whom or what they have or come across in everyday life. 
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Comments: ‘Admiration’

Julian Capper, UK
As the pathway to understanding and acceptance evolves, the intelligence of life generously provides the moment in which non-acceptance of what is contained within the moment appears. The conditioning of the mind, declaring its strong reaction against what appears within the moment, inspires disapproval and rejection, which is also provided by the intelligence of life and is not made by man. Admiration for the deep and utterly transformative understanding of the wise contained within this article is the pathway to deep understanding and total acceptance of whatever a moment in life contains. This reflects as unconditional love, unconditional care and unconditional concern for everything and everyone. Such poignancy!

Marcus Stegmaier, MunichThere is admiration that one has for other people, for what they can do, say or think. This admiration is not infrequently accompanied by envy, because one often admires in others what one lacks in oneself. Envy arises from the false idea that man is the doer, speaker and thinker. Furthermore, in the human mind there is admiration for animals, plants or nature, a landscape, the sea, etc. Here no doer is implied and therefore no envy arises. This profound article by Dr. Shankar opens the possibility for the reader to understand more deeply all these aspects of one's ego. And the understanding of the duality of admiration and contempt can happen. Thus, one attains admiration for the intelligence of life, which manifests all of nature, including man, thus giving the mind, which is also natural, the opportunity for conditional admiration, with and without envy, as well as contempt or simply indifference. It is to the intelligence in every moment that the unconditional admiration of the enlightened is directed. True admiration knows no boundaries. 

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, England 
‘What a balm is this newsletter – a transforming reflection of the wisdom within this play of sound and light. Long has been the day and tired the mind; the changing conditions in daily living are hard to endure; there is no understanding of the life that shines through the eyes of the child; men and women have forgotten who they really are. Thus, the intelligence of life brings to mankind gifts that may soothe the anguish and despair that are being experienced and so revive the human spirit. A wonder received with gratitude.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
Dear Father, 
Thank you for the latest wisdom-letter December 2020! Especially Gerard’s letter touched me, thanks to Gerard for sharing! Beautiful wisdom quotes, nice photos and enjoyable music! Thanks to all! Thank you for all wisdom, it is alive in the moment! Happy new year – precious eternal moment!

Dori, Netherlands.
Dear Guruji
Thank you for the precious December wisdom-letter.
It’s precious you came into life to share your precious wisdom.
Blessed is the one who understand what you share and understand the preciousness of life.

Sigrid, Munich.
Good morning dear Guruji,
I am very grateful for the two quotes on the website in January. First: 'Conditional love needs hate to exist'. And second: 'True compassion is the response to anyone.'
I appreciate these few words so much, they hit me! Your quotes are wonderful companions in daily life and pop up spontaneous and timely. Since your sharing is proved  from within and understanding deepening by itself, life is watched to flow smoothly,  harmonious and precise. Understanding the illusions of life happening like a dream - the dream becomes adventurous and joyful. More and more I become aware how precious and awesome it is to be alive. What more can be said?
Eternal love and gratitude


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