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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Precious is invaluable"

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Article "Precious Life"
Wisdom Quotes "Precious"

Article: ‘Precious Life’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Deep within you in your everyday life you know life is precious, because everyone says, make the best use of life. Don't waste your time. It must be precious definitely. Otherwise, why would man say, don't waste time. You look forward for your future; it must be very precious and that is why you look forward for it, is it not? Your life is a headache, a perpetual, problem-ridden life. Why do you look for a future life? Would there not be problems in the future? There certainly will be because your present life is with problems and your present was the future of yesterday, when you looked for the future. But somehow you brush it aside and long for a future, hoping that the problems of today and yesterday do not reoccur or are absent. 
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Comments: ‘Precious Life’

Julian Capper, UK
We live the life that is not there. It is not there for it is a figment of mind’s imagination. The life that is there is unknown and unknowable for it is a mystery. The mind with thoughts has taken man and woman prisoner by guile and promise of a future with desirable outcomes. It begets reality where there is illusion, the play of light and sound. It begets man as the controller, the doer. Yet life gifts man with his own pathway towards knowing who he really is – not a figment of his own imagination, nor a hostage to an unbalanced mind whose understanding is speculation. Here, the light of wisdom reveals, step by step, the life that is there, transforming within every precious moment. Live life as it happens – every moment.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
A French chanson means "Je ne regrette rien." I have no regrets. Man is conditioned by parents, teachers, politicians, psychologists, priests and spiritualists to believe, that there are things that one better has not done, said or thought in one's life. They all claim that there is something to regret, especially so that one may learn from it and do better on future occasions. But the understanding of the wise is quite different. Like in the chanson there is nothing to regret in life, everything is precious as it is. Life in the mind with thoughts consists also of things that you regret, things that you want to undo. It keeps the thinking person in the past, although man can be neither the thinker nor the speaker nor the doer. And that is why every moment in life is precious. What a liberating insight that Dr. Shankar shares with humanity here and elsewhere.

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, England 
The essence of this December newsletter is significant. It is the reflection of the light of understanding and compassion that alone may bring balance to the daily life of men and women whose searching for answers swells this newsletter.

Anna Bakkar, Netherlands
Thank you so much for your wisdom-letter December. It was abundant the answer on my letter to you. Of course i know in my head that I am not the doer and that you shouldn't help me ,to do or not to do. But i was happy with your answer and all the wisdom letters in the past. Guruji I love you for ever,hug Anna

Elisabeth, Netherlands.
On the backside of Evolution  of Mind, Dr. Shankar says that in all activities of intellect and raw endurance, man has never said 'enough is enough'. Now, in the exploration of the very essence of mankind itself, life has come forth to gift the whole of humanity man's real identity. This is hard to appreciate. Dr. Shankar challenges man to dig deep into his own mind and embark on a journey beyond the mind - the journey into life. In every quest that man has  undertaken, freedom has never been a permanent feature. The courage of man is put to the test yet again to cross the boundaries of mind - this time to discover permanent freedom. This book perhaps will make man realise that 'this is enough' - life's map to enlightenment. To embark on a journey beyond the mind - the journey into life

Barbara, Munich.
My beloved Guruji
The more I understand, the more I admire your precision in the expression with which you share the truth with us.  I couldn't appreciate that before because  I didn't understand so much.  I am deeply impressed by your lively and at the same time super precise language. Let me tell you that I am always grateful to have met you in my life.  I wish you all, all love now and for Christmas. Your Barbara

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands.
Thank You for making us understand mind and Life.
To let go my wonderful dearest was not easy. Your explanations has helped me a lot to bear the loss!
Many years understanding is shared on social media.
We see how many is misunderstood and misinterpret about Advaita.
Many thinks they understand, and lead to discussions. Patience and trust are always in Your responses. Thank You of behalf of them and hope someday they will understand and see the significance of your sharing. A few Wise wrote wisdom through Themself. And You are the first who explaining wisdom in detail that “man is not the doer” in many books, CD’s, DvD’s, website.
Finished reading the book ‘Power of illusion’ again and can only say to everyone on the planet, read, read, read!! It’s a wonderful book, full of remarkable insights!
Happy new-year and may health improve.
You are a Real Friend!!


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