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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Meeting is a miracle."

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Article "Meeting"
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Article: ‘Meeting’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Humans meet each other and human meetings happen in different situations and circumstances. Every meeting is either favourable or unfavourable. If the meeting is favourable more of the same is wished, wanted and desired. If any meeting in any situation and circumstance is unfavourable, it is not wished, wanted or desired to happen again. Efforts are put into place so that the next meeting in that particular situation and circumstance is favourable. Every moment in life happens unconditionally. Every moment happens unconditionally because man does not make any moment in life. If man were able to make any moment in life, he could also make the meeting with anyone with conditions. 
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Comments: Meeting’

Julian Capper, UK. Men and women live side by side in communities and thrive on each other’s company and goodwill. Their daily life is a round of planned and spontaneous meetings or gatherings. A degree of forbearance may be needed when opposing ideas are presented. In spite of the mind’s expectation for favourable conditions, forbearance will give way gradually to mature understanding, as clearly presented in this article by Dr Shankar. Acceptance is the supreme gift.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
Meeting is a daily happening. Private meetings, business meetings, family meetings, dating meetings. All meetings are happening as they are meant to happen. This realisation of the wise makes every meeting precious, as it is. Thank you Dr. Shankar.

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, UK.
October’s wisdom-letter blows away concerns that may linger in daily life, thus revealing what is in each moment of life. Such gratitude for Guruji’s gift of understanding of the life that really is.

Marcus, Stuttgart
Enjoyed the wisdomletter very much. Thank you for reminding of the article “know” in combination with the song by Bill Withers “Ain’t no sunshine”. It means to me that the mind is in darkness all the time it knows and wants to know something in particular. Concerning the topic of a love story it has deep implications. Once the play of knowing in the mind is understood to be transient and illusory, depending on preferences and conditions, the drama of being in love or not ends and the company of whoever is meant to be with us or not in any given moment is welcomed.
Sonia Ostrikof, Canada
Once again I want to thank you for all that you share with humanity. 
It is by the grace of God that I am able to listen to your cds daily and am very grateful for that.
Sigrid, Munich
Dear Guruji, Namaste!
Two quotes on the website in October hit me tremendously and bestowed immense clarity just when needful. First: 'Self-realisation is neither personal nor an experience.' And second: 'The awakened neither experience awakening nor explain awakening.' Both these profound statements destroy all the ideas and stories 'about' realisation, awakening or enlightenment which are available in abundance on the spiritual marketplace. The tricks of the mind to deceive us are multifaceted and very intelligent.You remind us that the approach to Reality is Neti - Neti (neither this nor that). Everything known I cannot be, a person and experiences are changing all the time and belong most certainly to the illusory Relative. Thank you for these quotes, they are powerful, inevitable and essential! Few words from You are pointing to the silence in between that nobody can explain. What a privilege to be part of this miraculous and magnanimous life where nothing is ever lacking.
In love and gratitude


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