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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Know. State of mind."

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Article "Know"
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Article: ‘Know’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
It is man’s nature that he wants to know something other than what he already knows to keep him contented. There is something fascinating about wanting to know something, other than what man already knows, that keeps him contented. Why is it by nature that man wants to know something other than what he already knows and keeps him contented? It is because man is not totally at ease and contented every moment of his daily life, but only wishes to be. Man knows that he is at ease and contented with what he knows only temporarily. Therefore, he wants to know to be at ease and contented every moment of his daily life. Therefore, he always tries to know something other than what he already knows.
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Comments: ‘Know’

Julian Capper, UK.
Man’s thirst for knowledge and for knowing is legendary. It is the carrot that keeps man and woman striving forwards – or so he or she believes – constantly throughout their life.  There is satisfaction, albeit of limited duration, as each new opportunity, provided by life, appears for man to discover and to know. Man believes that on this path he is thus assured of gaining the esteem of his fellows, often with prizes and privileges attached. It becomes a sort of race with those who are like-minded. There is no rest or contentment here. Life has also gifted man this article – a blessed opportunity to understand.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
This article gives one more opportunity to understand instead of to know. As soon as knowledge is understood to be a natural function of life and not made by the human mind, happiness prevails. This happiness means to be at ease and contended. It is independent from knowledge but based on the conviction that life gives the knowledge which is meant to be given every moment, precicely. This understanding makes man happy every moment of his daily life and full of trust that knowledge will happen to him whenever it is needed. 

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New CD's "Totality (1,2,3)"

Letters to AOA:

Thank you for the wonderful cd’s ‘Totality’.
They give a beautiful view on the working of the mind and the manifestation of life. It’s a gift when words not only refer to the knowledge in the mind but offer an opportunity to understand life

Sigrid, Munich.
Have listened to the 3 new CDs on the topic TOTALITY several times. I am thrilled and amazed that the deepest Advaita was already expressed twenty years ago! It is distinctly explained how the mind prevents us from being total - our approach to totality is fragmented through thinking and talking. It is important to understand that the mind is not present in life, it simply oscillates among words from the past to the future and creates time. Brutal honesty is necessary to recognise how the artificial conditioned mind of childhood is still working in adults and putting on a show. We give to get and are unable to share. We expect and leave no room for respect. We appreciate our thoughts and have disrespect towards life. We protect what we do not have and are continuously loosing what we have - our being and very potential, the life energy which is the source for contentment. You leave no stone unturned and encourage us to drop a lot of things, more certainly our believes, personality and behaviour. When we participate in life trust may happen and open a door to become total. It is heartening to become aware that life gives tremendously and we will get what we need. Thank you for making such sound in 2001...the highest wisdom of Advaita. In love and gratitude


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