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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Man is not the doer."

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Article "Do Did Done"
Wisdom Quotes "Do Did Done"
Song "Do Did Done"

Article: ‘Do Did Done’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Man believes that he is a doer and can do what he is capable of doing. It sounds logical and it cannot be denied. Man also believes that he did and has done. If man could do what he wishes or wants to do, he could very well do what he wishes or wants to do every moment of his life. But he just cannot do every time he wishes or wants to do, which is what man experiences in daily life. Therefore, this implies that only sometimes man can do. Man further believes that he did it and has done it in the moment, which implies that only sometimes he did it and has done. 
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Comments: 'Do did done’

Julian Capper, UK. D
That man spends a third of his life actually sleeping is the popular finding. What he or she does during the remaining two thirds of his or her life comprises countless actions man has no doubt that he has done or has not done, wished that he had done or had not done, or is honoured or censured for having done.  Priceless is the understanding of the enlightened, gifted to man in this article, that he does not do, did not do and has not done – ever in his life.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
Man thinks his view of events in life is complete. An action is thought and man believes the action to be a complete reality in life. However, these actions are merely labels in the mind, for in life there is only a singular complete movement and not many separate actions. To one who thinks this through to its conclusion, it is revealed that a truly holistic view of life as it is is never possible, for the complete singular movement of life is beyond the grasp of the mind. Man is lost in his belief that actions are real. The enlightened explain why this is so and cannot be otherwise as long as man considers actions to be something independent in life, which represents life as it is. That this belief is illusory is a complete understanding of all actions in life as this wise article explains in detail. 

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, UK.
This source of love and light has no beginning nor any end. It flows and flows through the wisdom of your care and witness.
Experience of life brings for each of us all that it is destined to bring on our journey towards an understanding of who we really are.
Words can scarcely express our gratitude and love

Marcus, Munich
Thank you for the wisdomletter! Have enjoyed the article "Worry“ as well as the corresponding article “Meant“. Also wonderful is the wisdom quotes clip with quotes and music combined with winterly photographs. And the sweet version of one of my favorite songs, “On the sunny side of the street“ made me happy too. 
I always look forward to the new wisdomletter with all the letters to AOA! Thanks to you and to all! Wish all a wonderful moment in year 2022
Sigrid, Munich
Reading the current quote on the AOA website: 'God means unconditional love for all that exists and for all that is known', had a great impact on me. Moreover the quote in your book 'SEASONS OF LIFE' delivers on January 23rd: 'God is not someone to believe. God is to be-lived.' Both these statements have such significance and clarity, they won't leave me now. My goodness, what power (illusory) words can have, when impregnated by the light of wisdom. They are gifting such precious and deep insights. I am tremendously grateful! Thank you also for the possibility of sharing.
Sigrid, Munich
I could already listen to the new Cd 'ALONE'. (Thanks to Regina, she is truly an angel). We have come alone into this world, we will go alone and in-between it seems to be difficult to be alone. This talk from 2001 explains very clearly that every aspect in our life offers an opportunity to be alone. We miss it because of certain aspects in the mind. The ego is always attached to thoughts and conditioned to assume actions in space and time followed by interpretations  and conclusions. Therefore the continuous flow of life as one colourful and multifaceted event is separated into many events. By merely watching everything happening by itself we become alone. You elaborate the paradox that love is an expression of our aloneness. When love happens the ego starts concluding. Our putting attention on the other person results in demands and expectations. An interdependent slavery is built up. Only when we understand that the ego has no controll and no part in this love affair, we may become free of our conditioning. We will watch the happening as well as the conclusions in the mind. Then the witnesser will come into play. The witnesser is alone. Another very important aspect in daily life to be alone is addressed, surprisingly it is talking. Talking like love happens but the ego is begging for confirmation and needs the other to know that he or she is right. What a brilliant Illusion. When the speaker becomes the listener too, aloneness can happen independent of whatever may be uttered.
This Cd does not need advertising, it is priceless anyway, but for sure everybody who is meant to listen will be blessed.
With love and gratitude


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