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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Worry is the problem."

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Article "Worry"
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Article: ‘Worry’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Man and woman worry when faced with a problem. Man and woman continue to worry even when a solution to the problem is available. The worry persists until the problem is overcome by a solution, but worry resurfaces once again by a new problem. Knowledge induces man and woman with solutions for problems or advises them to look for solutions to problems. Knowledge of worry keeps man and woman anxious, impatient and hopeful that it will go away.
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Comments: 'Worry’

Julian Capper, UK. D
The essentials for a live human birth and all that accompanies it on its evolutionary path are provided by the intelligence of life, unconditionally, moment by moment. Thus, there are no conditions that any human being brings when born or needs to bring. Wisdom reveals that the intelligence of life manifests every moment and what it contains and replaces it with the next moment and what it contains. Man, therefore, neither makes a problem nor resolves it. In understanding this man may come to face whatever happens without worry – so it is with enlightened beings and young children.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
"Don't worry!" is a common piece of advice. If a person were able to switch off his worries, he would no longer have any, because nobody would like to have worries. The wisdom in this article gives no advice not to worry, because man does not have his thoughts under control. As long as man worries, he worries, that is, they happen to his mind. This deeper understanding means being free from worries, even when they inevitably happen to the mind.

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, UK.
What a beautiful and deeply emotional song is gifted in this December newsletter. It mirrors every man and every woman’s path in their life: it is neither right nor wrong. The sublime gift of an enlightened man’s understanding of life gifted in this wisdom-sletter strengthens patience and trust.

Sigrid, Munich
Dear Guruji,
Another so-called year you have guided us on our inward journey where endless understanding may happen by grace. The outcome is more aliveness, love and gratitude - and life becomes a song. Thank you also for the Wisdom-letter in December. The article PROBLEM clarifies that 'problem' and 'solution' are words in knowledge. Problems are unfulfilled conditions in the mind whereas life gives us constantly what we need. Elsewhere you mentioned that problem is another word for impatiens. Life flows as a movement of light and sound and is therefore problem free. This article brings a smile on my face, thank you!  
Best wishes and a Merry Christmas
Harrie, Netherlands
After listening to the  satsangs of 'Five Elements' I can only say: insipiring and brilliant. First of all for a deeper understanding of the human mind and emotions. But also as the deepest origin of sciences as linguistics, climatology, anthropology etc. Incomprehensible that such a wisdom is not picked up in this days and age. Thanks for sharing this precious wisdom with us! 


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