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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Bondage evolves."

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Article "Bondage"
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Article: ‘Bondage’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Bondage implies dependency. Apparently, this bondage or dependency does not leave man or woman to live in freedom, because freedom is searched for by everyone. So the first question to be understood is: What is it that man is dependent upon in daily life? He has endeavoured to be free of bondage or dependency since aeons of time. That freedom from dependency is still searched for indicates that man or woman is not free from bondage or dependency as yet. Bondage needs to be understood deeply, if freedom from bondage is wished, desired or wanted by humanity. How could bondage be understood deeply is the question? This question becomes clear by pondering the first question above: What is it that man is dependent upon in daily life? Now, let’s ponder deeply.
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Comments: 'Bondage’

Julian Capper, UK.
Man’s reliance on memory to function in life cannot be disputed. The development of this function in children at an early age is encouraged and trained. When the child sees a dog enter the room and calls out ‘dog’, the parents are pleased and proud in front of guests: ‘what a clever child!’ However, when the child sees a dog enter the room and calls out ‘cat’, the parents are embarrassed in front of guests. Memory is a given in life, not yet understood to be a given by life to enable man to live life fully. Understanding this is freedom.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
A good memory is desired, appreciated and praised by all, because it is considered a tool of personal success. Without memory there is no comparison between past, present and future. This enables the mind to function logically in everyday life. But comparing affects human feelings and emotions. Comparison often leads to wistfulness for the "good old days" or to desperate hope for a better future, but sometimes also to temporary complacency. Fear of the future is also based on memory. In short: The bondage of man is dependent on memory. To cope better with the ups and downs that memory produces in the mind, we are advised to use our memory only when it is useful or gives pleasure, and to block it out when it has the opposite effect. That this is not always possible proves that nobody is in control of his memory, as Dr. Shankar's article "Bondage" reveals, because man did not make memory and therefore cannot prevent it when it happens. Liberation from memory, which keeps man in bondage, exists as the timeless Here and the Thoughtless Now rather than in the control of thoughts, which are memories. 

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, UK.
It has been gifted by the intelligence of life to an enlightened one, in this wisdom-letter and elsewhere, that man is not the doer, never has been and never will be. Such is the hitherto assailable conviction cemented in the mind of man that his or her worth is to be measured by human intelligence and endeavour, a measure that inevitably leads to praise or denunciation of humankind by humankind. That science can now be understood to reveal that man is indeed not the doer is a highly significant step towards release from mental servitude. The gratitude to the intelligence of life for this understanding is beyond measure
Marcus, Munich.
Thank you for the new Wisdomletter! It reminds that everyone is always invited to go to the vast archives of www.academy-advaita.com
to read whatever topic the mind is up to at a given moment that needs deeper understanding. We notice the need for deeper understanding if thoughts and feelings trouble us as if real, The article “To achieve“ connects the dots between old age wisdom, for example Sri Adi Shankaracharya, and modern science which also states that man is not the doer. And as the Editor also wrote, “A moment in life and in the mind, they declare, is eternal. Understanding this results in absence of fear and trust in life.“ So it is worth to read the whole website and the articles over and over again. By doing this, if it happens, one might come across “Question and Answers“ with questions of many wisdom-seekers and the direct answers by Dr. Shankar guiding them as well as us readers. By enjoying the many articles, books, videos, CD‘s and DVD‘s, an opportunity is given by life to live life as it is and to enjoy the mind as it is without any need to alter anything.

Sigrid, Munich.
Namaste dear Guruji!
Hope these lines find you well. Thank you for the wonderful wisdom-letter in June. It bestows us the article 'ACHIEVE', a pivotal part of our conditioning. What the wise have proclaimed long ago is meanwhile proved by brain science: Human brain does not make the movement in the moment. Decisions are made seconds before man becomes aware of it. This seems difficult to understand as long as we believe in doership, free will, actions and situations. You emphasise that the thought of achieving happens for understanding to happen that achievement is illusory and not real.
The relating song ' I AM ALREADY ENOUGH' is very touching and reminds me of Oshos words: ' You are a masterpiece already'. Dear Guruji, you have explained  in depth that life is perfect and precise and has no need  to be altered, molded or shaped. Like life we cannot be improved. We are imperfectly perfect. Realising this brings in relaxation and drops the idea of achieving. It is wise to accept ourselves and our fellow human beings as they are in every moment. Thank you for continuously sharing irrefutable wisdom. This makes the mind calm and steady and supports patients and trust in life. Deepest gratitude
Sigrid, Munich.
Following and collecting your quotes - changing every few days on the website - I feel constantly gently guided. The words are always what I just need to hear. Understanding seems to deepen effortlessly and forgetting who we really are is decreasing. What can be given in return except my eternal gratitude.
With love and best wishes 


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