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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Life is spontaneous."

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Article "Spontaneous"
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Article: ‘Spontaneous’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Life is full of events and an event is defined as being spontaneous if the event occurs without an apparent external cause. The enlightened, however, have indicated that life flows like a river and a cause for a river or its flow can never be determined by physics or science. Every cause, according to logic, reason and science needs another cause and so ad infinitum. Therefore, neither the last cause nor the first cause can ever be determined. This implies that life is without a cause, which is what the enlightened have also indicated.
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Comments: 'Spontaneous’

Julian Capper, UK. D
There is no thing in life that is not a spontaneous happening within the moment that is. Man too is a spontaneous happening that follows no planning nor is the outcome of any event. Life will just not be controlled nor any expression of existence within it. What is more, there is no expression of existence beyond it for there is no beyond what is. Nonetheless, the energy and intelligence man has recourse to is measured to him or her as it is meant to be. The flowing river of life flows for everyone - as revealed by the enlightened; as does our gratitude.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
As the enlightened have proclaimed, life is a spontaneous flow and man only thinks, from time to time, that something has happened spontaneously, when he did not have any planning thought beforehand. But how precise could the planning be, even if it happens? Not very precise, but pretty vague! So we have to admit: Even apparently planned actions are mostly a spontaneous happening. There are so many aspects of an action which could never be planned beforehand. An even deeper understanding is shared here with humanity: Literally every aspect of any action happens spontaneous and only appears as planned or unplanned in the mind, albeit illusory. Read Dr. Shankar’s article “Spontaneous“ once again! The sharing as well as the understanding happens spontaneously too. Life is wonderful!

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, UK.
Such gratitude for this gift of clarity and simplicity.
During man’s daily existence as a live human being, his or her assessment of that existence is by mind. Thus, man’s life has become dependent upon the beliefs and convictions that are firmly set in mind. In this process, man exchanges his or her birthright of knowing who he or she really is for uncertainty and fear.
By grace and compassion, those beings, the wise, with their deep understanding of life itself, never cease - as in this monthly wisdom-letter and elsewhere - to gift their understanding to hapless mankind. Enjoy the moment in life

Sigrid, Munich
I want to thank you for the article 'BECAUSE' in the Wisdom-letter of April. 'Because' is a tremendous word we use so lightly, not aware that a whole world of reasoning and logic and a drama of cause and effect is created. Commonly we use it to justify our acting and reacting. The moment we utter the word 'because' the ego/I will be present and with the 'I' others will be present too. If we remove the word 'because' from the mind - which is not possible - the ego cannot operate. The word gives man a sense of direction of his feelings and actions. Without it he would be lost. 'Because' is necessary for an illusory drama to continue and it binds us to the relative journey. The absolute journey is without a 'beause' and without others. When we understand that life happens and the ego doesn't really exist to make life happen, we start being independent born out of trust. We realise the absolute journey we are in and have never left for a moment.
Thank you so much for addressing this pivotal 7 letter word which is a powerful trouble maker. The article helps to clearly see through it and release the illusory personality and individuality.
Best wishes and loving greetings 
P.S.: The wonderful song 'AFTER ALL THESE YEARS' in the Wisdom-letter is very touching and pointing to the relative journey which is a gift from life - given to be appreciated and enjoyed. Thank you.


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