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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Family is destined"

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Article "Family"
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Article: ‘Family’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
We are born into a family without our choice for any family. Also, we cannot be born without a family. The family may vary in numbers from one to many. The father and mother as a family may be either single or as both and we have no choice on this either. Whatever numbers we have as a family is all that we can have. Whatever understanding there is in a family is all that they can have and we have to accept, because we, as a family, are in nature and nature is what it is. It is a precious unity and so is the family a precious unit, because man does not make nature; nature manifests man and his precious family.   ..read further
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Comments: 'Family’

Julian Capper, UK.
It is in every man and woman’s nature to be part of a family and to respect other members of that family whether it is the result of birth or marriage. It is also the case that the members of a family will display characteristics that may or may not be in harmony with each other’s, thus strengthening or undermining its unity. Disunity can only destroy a family’s natural foundation of love, concern and care. At times this may lead to separation and a refusal to have any contact. There is no benefit to be gained by this for any member of the family; only distress in the whole unit. The guidance from the wise in this article is needed for the restoration of family life. There is nothing more important to the community of families across the world.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
Family life is often difficult for the mind. Patience and trust in life is necessary when conflicts prevail. There is no quick solution and often many compromises are to be done, although this helps mostly only for a while. In the long term, understanding which leads to unconditional love, care and concern is the key – and it is provided by life if it is meant to. This article by Dr. Shankar can be the beginning or deepening of our understanding. It is a precious gift for every family member. 

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, UK.
The undertaking and arranging of marriage in any society is rich in emotional commitment and procedural formality.  Accordingly, the outcome is regarded as the responsibility of all those directly involved. This also applies to any daily activity, however subtle or physical it may be. The guidance of the wise, as gifted in this Wisdom-letter, reveals that man does not control the moment in which any event takes place, nor indeed whatever takes place in the moment. In understanding this, man may be freed from the daily burden of doing and the grievous responsibility for what is or is not achieved. With gratitude to the guidance of the wise.

Sigrid, Munich. 
The October Wisdom-letter recommends the Cd "FAMILY" and I came to listened again. Our home could be the best place to live, but we cannot get along with the believes in our mind. There's more courtesy with strangers than the people we live with. It is deeply moving to recognise how negligent we are in consideration of others feelings in the family. Especially the feelings of children are at stake when parents separate or fight. The Cd gives us a hint that watching our children diligently and patiently we can become aware how fast life sophisticates. Children teach adults a lot when we observe  them growing and blossoming. Otherwise we miss the charm of life. On the other hand adults sophisticate when the ego transforms into the witnesser. There is a qualitative change in living instead of thinking how to live. A very touching poem ends with a lovely meaning of the letters F.A.M.I.L.Y: Father and mother I love you!
Furthermore the saying of Ramana Maharishi "A tree is a standing man and a man is a walking tree" is elaborated. Where man is, he is meant to be. No free will, no controll, no choice. This matches with the current qoute: "A choice in the mind happens without a choice". Understanding this clearly leads to freedom of expectations and prevention and allows observing life and embrace it as it passes by.
This Cd reaches the core of the heart, blessing everybody who is destined to listen.
With love and gratitude


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