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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Marriage is destined"

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Article "Marriage"
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Article: ‘Marriage’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Every girl dreams about her wedding. Every girl may or may not get married but, nevertheless she dreams of getting married. When will a girl’s dream of her wedding get materialised is not dreamt by any girl. The actuality of the wedding-moment remains a mystery. It remains a mystery because neither man nor woman makes any moment in life. Everyone is within the moment and they cannot make a moment to be within it. What is within a moment cannot be other than what is within the moment. This implies that we are within the moment and we do not make the moment to be within it.
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Comments: 'Marriage’

Julian Capper, UK.
Marriage may be one of the most celebrated events in the daily life of a human being. The planning for the wedding and its ceremony shines like the brightest star in the lives of those involved. Here, Dr Shankar offers the blessed, wedding gift of understanding. Man has been conditioned since time immemorial to believe, even to know, beyond all peradventure, that he or she is the controller in all daily activity, especially in the marriage of a son or daughter. Yet, in wisdom, the understanding of the enlightened, both here and elsewhere, reveals the magic of the moment in this most human of affairs.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
All humans on earth live as the same eternal moment. However, only certain humans live together in the same moment in spatial proximity, some married to each other, some not. A girl's dream is a happy marriage and love in the family. This is contrasted with the conditioning of the mind which, through duality, if not deeply understood, brings discord and conflict. Matrimonial drama is thereby precisely manifested by life, also as an opportunity to overcome the duality of the mind by understanding it as an apparent separation in the eternal singular moment. As Dr. Shankar explains, the moment contains everything that happens within it, albeit illusory. To live this understanding together in an unconditional way with all, and especially those who are near us, is unconditional love. May this understanding become reality and be the result of every wedding! 

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, UK.
To come so close to myself by realising that, save as illusory beliefs and conditions, there is no distance or time in daily life is the gift of the enlightened. Man’s journey in life, in every moment, is the gift of life itself. There are no mistakes. The revelations of the wise, offered in this newsletter and elsewhere, to every man and woman, are aliveness in every moment.
Such gratitude.

Sigrid, Munich. 
The Wisdom-letter of September is another composition in beauty of words of wisdom, pictures and music. The article "Aliveness is Life" shares that man cannot bring about the aliveness in any moment of life. Though man is within the moment he cannot premediate the aliveness in the moment  - be it actions, thoughts and feelings, a reaction or a response. Aliveness is without labels and concepts. But whatever happens as an experience, perception of a reaction or a response is illusory in man's mind and not an actuality in life.There is so much depth in this article! Thanks a lot.
When I look at all your books, CDs, DVDs and articles available for generations to come, I am amazed how many doors you have opened for mankind to realise the intelligence and magnanimity of life - conducting a brilliant show of light and sound. In more than one way you have made the illusion clear and explained the functions of the mind from many angles. Likewise my endless gratitude for a priceless gift beyond measurable value will be expressed over and over again


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