Newsletter December 2016

Article: ‘Spontaneous’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Life is full of events and an event is defined as being spontaneous if the event occurs without an apparent external cause. The enlightened, however, have indicated that life flows like a river and a cause for a river or its flow can never be determined by physics or science. Every cause, according to logic, reason and science needs another cause and so ad infinitum. Therefore, neither the last cause nor the first cause can ever be determined. This implies that life is without a cause, which is what the enlightened have also indicated. If life is without a cause it further implies that an event or events in life happen spontaneously, meaning suddenly without any external or internal cause. To read further click here.

Comment: Article ‘Spontaneous’

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
As the enlightened have proclaimed, life is a spontaneous flow and man only thinks, from time to time, that something has happened spontaneously, when he did not have any planning thought beforehand. But how precise could the planning be, even if it happens? Not very precise, but pretty vague! So we have to admit: Even apparently planned actions are mostly a spontaneous happening. There are so many aspects of an action which could never be planned beforehand. An even deeper understanding is shared here with humanity: Literally every aspect of any action happens spontaneous and only appears as planned or unplanned in the mind, albeit illusory. Read Dr. Shankar’s article “Spontaneous“ once again! The sharing as well as the understanding happens spontaneously too. Life is wonderful! To read further click here. Click here for German translation

Comment: Article ‘Thinking’

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
Humans are thinking and talking animals, this makes them believe in free will instead of instinctive living which is attributed to animals. As the expression, as a synonym for man, “thinking and talking animal“ suggests, man is an evolved animal. There is no free will in evolution, so where could have come free will into play when animals evolve as humans? The illusion of free will has evolved, not real free will. Deep understanding of what thinking really is, as presented in this article, is freedom from free will. It does not bother us any more, though the illusion of free will is precisely present. To read further click here. Click here for German translation

Comment: Article ‘Instinct’

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
Instinct is normally attributed to the part of an action or an entire action which is not planned by thought beforehand. But how accurate could the planning be? What would be accurate enough? This questions are taken for nonsense, because life’s intelligence is taken for granted! But does man’s mind really reflect all the tiny movements of flesh, bones and muscles? Of the heart in man’s chest, the lungs, the other organs of the body, the neurons in his brain? It does not. Life slips away too fast for such a thinking. Therefore thinking or planning is indeed nothing but a vague explanation of what’s supposedly going on, superimposed by life’s intelligence. In this article “Instinct“, Dr. Shankar reveals to us the mysterious movement of life in the Now, which is instinctively lived by everyone and everything, including humans, animals, plants and even matter such as stones. Whether anyone likes it or not: The word “instinct“ is totally misunderstood by the ego. To read further click here. Click here for German translation

Comment: Article ‘Consistency’

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
Touch is the most intimate sense of all five senses. It is the sense which only functions with no distance at all. We can touch or be touched by a plant, a pet or a wild animal. Or another human being, like a friend, our or someone else’s child, or a total stranger. Only if we come very close, we touch each other. And touch is accompanied by many feelings and emotions, such as comfort or disgust. But now, the enlightened explain to us that touch is an illusion? How could this be understood? Thanks to Dr. Shankar’s article “Consistency“, the reader comes closer to a deep understanding of what “illusion“ really means: That life, though existing nevertheless, is nothing but light and sound. To read further click here. Click here for German translation

Comment: Article ‘Devotion’

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
Devotion is commonly regarded as an achievement a spiritual seeker has to develop. Therefore there is a special atmosphere in spiritual circles, where all appear very devoted to a special behavior, person or certain objects. But in their daily life, the devotion is gone quickly when life does not fulfill the expectations of the conditioned mind. A truly enlightened, as Dr. Shankar in this article once again, would not demand for any devotion. Instead he simply helps man or woman to understand life, that it flows only in one way. This understanding is devotion to everything and everyone in every moment, it is not directed to this or that but to life itself, to life’s indivisible flow. To read further click here. Click here for German translation

Question in Face Book:

By Drewa Thakur
I hope I can ask you something. My English isn't very wel. But how can I get love in me? I don’t want to feel any anger, fear, fury, irritations. I would like to laugh and be happy al the time, how can I achieve this state?
Response to FB: By Dr. Shankar
To, Drewa Thakur,
True love is unconditional. You will get love in you, when love yourself without any conditions, when you understand that life has made you to be what you are in every moment and you cannot change it. Similarly, you will love everyone without any conditions when you understand that life has made all to be what they are in every moment and they cannot change it either. Understand that neither you nor others make the moment in life.
Reply in Face Book:
By Drewa Thakur
Thanks for the message

Letters to AOA.

By Julian Capper
How strange it is to realize that man has been living off events that have passed or off events that are anticipated or thought to be sure to take place in the future. Man has somehow been sustained by this for much of his life.
How strange it is to realize that man’s emotional state has been swinging from regret for past events and fear of future events – stress and anxiety.
Then suddenly in a moment it is realized where man has been living - in the past or the future - with no awareness of the moment that is. He has been living with the rise and fall of events and with his own thoughts. A meagre existence.
And yet, what a gift of life is this moment; this moment is life in which all events happen, albeit, as they turn out, illusory. It is eternal this very moment. Thank God. Thank the enlightened for their understanding.
Response to Julian:
By Dr Shankar

Dear Julian,
How wonderful it is that you understand life and mind.

Letter to AOA:

Sigrid, Munich,
Thank you so much for the CD EVOLVING.  It's amazing to listen to a CD from 2003 and to recognize that your sharing was clear and deep from the very beginning, a shattering blow for all our belief systems. For the conditioned mind it was so difficult to digest that what was believed to be real was illusory, an imagination that does exist and is sensed. It looked almost impossible to steady oneself in a non-belief-state. What a joke for an imaginary individual.
Reading your books and listening to the CDs over the years the perception of the illusory world has changed qualitatively. Consciousness is seen now as a free ticket for a drama with special effects. There are no words to express my gratitude.

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