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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Right and wrong is ‘neti neti."

Article: 'Right and Wrong'

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

‘Neti Neti’
In every house, society and nation daily life is viewed as being either right or wrong. If life is right, then daily life appears to be harmonious but, if it is wrong, then all hell breaks loose. Man is convinced that life could be either right or wrong and he wishes to keep things right, or at least tries to. The discord in every house between husbands and wives, between each member of the family, is based purely on concepts of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. The same exists wherever and whenever man meets man, irrespective of the place or time. Man is upset, disturbed, angry, sad, disappointed, worried, anxious and frightened to come to terms with himself when things go wrong........
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Comments: Right and Wrong ‘Neti Neti’

Julian Capper, UK
Religion and morality are probably the two most important issues in the lives of human beings. They bind together those communities whose values are shared, be they global or local. They are opposed by those communities who do not share those values or the interpretation of those values. Opposing belief systems have frequently led to violence or even to warfare. In wisdom, Dr Shankar is presenting in this article a fundamental and lucid insight into these two major issues. It is a remarkable treatise setting out with deep and lucid understanding the essence of these issues in terms of being regarded as right or wrong. Would that this understanding be shared in every human community in order to liberate troubled mankind from perpetual disharmony and discord, if it is meant to be so. In the context of human conflict through the ages, this is a supremely important message of understanding.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
What is right and what is wrong is constantly told to every child from early childhood in different ways: "Don't do this! Don't do that! This is right!" And also at school, often already in kindergarten, the statements and actions of the children are evaluated according to right and wrong. This is what life wants, which conditions the human mind in this way. In the same way, at some point in time, if life wants it that way, that is, if it happens spontaneously, a person gets fed up with seeing right and wrong as the measure of all things. A deeper insight then reveals itself and freedom finally sets in. Dr. Shankar's detailed article can accompany this awakening process. So full of essential details, this text provides a remarkable counterbalance to everyday conditioning, which can be a crushing burden if it is not understood step by step. There is no shortcut to enlightenment! Every corner of the mind must be understood as illusory and the key to this is the wise understanding of right and wrong. 
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Letters to AOA:

Hari, India,
The presentation of wisdom quotes, photos, and the contents in March newsletter by Gerard is superb.

Marcus, Germany
The March newsletter was wonderful as always.

Julian, England 
The enlightening music, the wisdom in song in the March newsletter and the spider in the web of its own making, albeit illusory, portray man’s predicament beautifully. So illustrative too are the other creatures in nature where life resides mysteriously. Life is its own author and creator. Thank you,

Sonia Ostrikoff, Canada
Thank you for all the wonderful articles. Also, enjoying very much the songs in the newsletters. 

Harrie, Netherlands.
Thanks for the inspiring words on our visit. Especially the clarification of the newsletter. It was negligence to consider the song in the newsletter as a kind of desert, some extra. Taking the quote, article and song together as a whole is indeed enriching. With love.

Kalpna, UK
Article ‘Apology’ is brilliant.

Kalpna, UK
Just read part 1 of this new series ‘Balance’.  I can't wait to dive more into it. Amazing start to an incredible subject we take so much for granted. Thanks so much. Balance (2) what a brilliant article..omg. Super article. Balance (3) Another step deeper into the beautiful topic.  Super indeed. Thanks so much. Balance (4) Wow...so sharp and each word is meaningful...enjoyed it so much. Thanks so much. Balance (5) Another beautiful article in the series....the examples of swimming and cycling were very good for understanding. Thanks so much
Balance (6) is a beautiful article indeed.  The second para was too powerful. Thanks so much. Balance (7) Super article...the first para was a real punch..I read it a few times. Amazing..loved it.Thanks so much. Balance (8) Another beautiful article in this beautiful series.  I am enjoying it thoroughly. Balance (9) The 3rd para of this article was very powerful.  Really enjoyed it. Thanks so much. Balance (10)  Last in the series...it was just what I needed to read. Absolutely mind blowing series. Thanks so much

Sigrid, Munich
Dear, dear Guruji, Namaste.
Thanks for the set of extraordinary and profound 10 articles titled 'Balance'. They sink in me like water into a dry sponge, no matter how often I read them. They guide and take me along to a deeper understanding that a perfect balance lives in life which is unknown to the mind. An imperfect balance due to thinking is the balance for the ego. The mind tilts to one side only and rejects the other side. Life as it is is both-sided, a harmonious happening without the mind. Thanks for the clarity that what the mind believes is the balance in life is NOT the balance in life. If it is meant to we may become tired of thinking and observe life being steady and in balance all the time. A gracious and miraculous happening. These articles leave me in love and gratitude for life above all. What we call daily life starts being a varied, joyful entertainment and a perpetual holiday. Thank you again and again.

Sigrid, Munich
Reading all the articles on 'BECAUSE' reveals the true face of this regularly used word of absurdity. It is a tremendous and shocking insight to me how much illusion is created by the word ‘because’. Because creates others and dependency on conditions. It makes us react! It is so clearly explained that the word 'because' keeps us in the relative journey of life. The absolute journey is covered by the ego. If we understand article by article deeply, the word 'because' will keep reducing in number. And sooner or later the question 'WHY' will vanish from the mind concomitantly. This offers the opportunity to become aware of life ..... slipping into the absolute journey. With deep gratitude for such a relief.

Dori, Netherlands
Thank You for all the beautiful articles about balance. I’m enjoying reading them and also enjoying the editor’s notes. It’s a gift from life that the understanding of the enlightened is shared as it is in these articles.

Letter to Sonia in Canada: Regina Brand, AOA
Hi Sonia,
Thank you for the order of CD’s. I am very happy to send this order of wisdom to you because it is the most precious gift from LIFE. Love Regina

Sonia Ostrikoff, Canada
Thank you for everything Regina. I agree that the CD’s are the most precious gift from Life.

Barbara, Munich
Beloved Guruji
In this challenging time of worldwide Corona Crisis we recognize how much Your sharing of wisdom has gifted us with trust in life, patience and calmness. Now we observe life unfolding with a relaxed, but very interested and amazed mind without being drawn into the drama. We say thank you, thank you, thank you  beloved Guruji. Barbara, Sigrid, Walter and Andreas

Letter to Barbara from AOA
Human mind with knowledge is pandemic as well. Thoughts do more damage than virus does to humans. There are nine bacteria and more viruses, which includes the corona virus as well in every human cell. A human body has 50 trillion cells. Therefore a human is more a virus than a human. Life will go the way it is meant to go with respect to bacteria, virus and the human mind with thoughts. Nature unfolds the way it is meant to unfold. The world is fresh every moment; knowledge makes the world look old and new. Wisdom of life brings about a shift in our lives; we are going back to the same world with knowledge. Sit back and contemplate the effects of thoughts on humanity, because the effects of corona virus will soon be forgotten, but the effects of thoughts on humans are never forgotten.  

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Grateful to meet a Wise. 
Grateful for the explanation the Wise give. 
Grateful to make us understand. 
Enjoyed the deep insight of the articles ‘Conviction’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
In Questions and Answers from 29-3-2020 Your answer that the thoughts of behaviour evolve further as they are meant to evolve, is overwhelming. It took some time for me to realize that the words 'are meant to evolve further as they are meant to evolve' gives the revelation to Your answer. Meant to evolve spontaneously, unpredictable and uncontrollable. I read the preface by Julian to Your book Evolution of MInd and am in awe. With gratitude, Elisabeth


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