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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Life is mysterious."

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Article "Catastrophe"
Wisdom Quotes "Catastrophe"

Article: ‘Catastrophe’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
A gardener, a farmer works on land, sows seeds, crops and plants grow, flowers blossom, fruits ripen: the gardener and the farmer are happy. Soon, however, plants and crops disappear due either to unfavourable climatic changes, pest infestation, floods, fire, wars or just by completing their life-cycle. Flowers too have their own life-cycle of appearance and disappearance. They wither away on the very plants that bore them or die after briefly decorating a divine altar, a flower vase or by adding beauty temporarily to a woman’s hair. Life is mysterious! 
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Comments: ‘Catastrophe’

Julian Capper, UK
What a beautiful and timely understanding of life-cycle is being gifted here to mankind through the wisdom of Dr Shankar. It reveals that life mysteriously accords to every animate and inanimate being that has been, is and is yet to be on or in mother-earth its appearance and its disappearance, as it is meant to be. Man in his mind commonly applies the term catastrophe to a sudden event or to an alteration that is attended by significant harm or damage. This may be attributed to natural causes, such as an earthquake, or to being man-made. Personal distress or criticism follows. However, the mind of man is also understood to have a life-cycle in the process of evolution towards his realising who he really is.  

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
The conditioned mind cannot fathom the mystery of life because it believes in the reality of cause and effect as well of individuals. Catastrophes spread fear and terror in the human mind, not so with animals, plants and things, because these have no thoughts. Wisdom that Dr. Shankar shares with humanity in this article and elsewhere reveals that what is destined to happen, however illusory it may be, will happen mysteriously, whether you like it or not. Some catastrophes are considered inevitable by man, as in natural catastrophes, or avoidable, that is, man-made or amplified by his actions. This creates an emotional catastrophe in the mind, albeit as illusory as the supposedly external catastrophe itself. Life, as the sages declare, is a transforming process of energy in which there is no cause or effect and therefore no real action of any human being, which is illusory too. The mind searches for meaning in everything that seems to happen, with the question "Why?" In life there is no "Why?". Everything flows spontaneously, uncontrollably and unpredictably as an illusion of light and sound. The catastrophe and the thoughts and emotions about it are an illusion of light and sound. Illusion means it is a transitory appearance and not real. In this understanding lies unconditionality and peace. 

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, England 
The message of September wisdom- letter is a beginningless and endless revelation to mankind. It is the beautiful play of light and sound appearing as the wonders of nature and songs of hope and despair. It expresses the condition of man who, in search of both certainty and reality and guided by the respected anchors of reason and logic, finds confusion and fear. Respect for the intelligence of the wise and trust in life, as it happens, are the supreme gift.

Marcus, Germany
Thank you for the wisdom Letter September. Enjoyed the letters, the wisdom quotes and pictures.

Bert-Jan Bakker, Netherlands.
Dear Guruji, I hope you and your family are doing fine. Thank you for your continuous inspiration, blessings and articles stimulating the understanding.

Harrie, Netherlands
As I said formerly  I have read again the book  Volume 2 of Kaivalya Gita. I was astonished to be confronted once again with the detailed explanations of all aspects of Advaita.  I am grateful to have this books of wisdom.

Dori, Netherlands.
Thank you for the cd ‘Now’. It is a beautiful talk. And so are all words you shared with us. But most of all: thank you for your unconditioned love during all these years. It is the most precious gift of life. Life is love, love is life. It’s everywhere


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