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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

The moment is surety."

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Article "Surety"
Wisdom Quotes "Surety"

Article: ‘Surety’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Every man and woman is certain that what he or she sees or hears in every moment of daily life is because of cause and effect. He or she is also certain that what he or she hears is not only real, but he or she is also certain that it is real. Every man and woman is also certain what to expect due to cause and effect. The question is whether this surety or certainty of man and woman is justified without doubt. 
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Comments: ‘Surety’

Julian Capper, UK
The 19th century writer Lewis Carroll gifted the story of Alice and the magical Looking Glass through which she entered a world which wasn’t there. This article remarkably reveals how man and woman live in a world that isn’t there, hasn’t been there, nor will ever be there – a world that is the product of thinking and believing, the outcome of cause and effect. It is at times pleasing and at other times agonising, coloured by ego rooted in doing.That Alice’s world and ours is illusory is revealed by the wise, here and elsewhere, with clarity and understood with gratitude, if it is meant to be understood. So, enjoy the stories of Alice the more.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
The human mind is conditioned to believe that everything that happens in life has one or more causes. Science studies the causal relationships of nature. The ultimate proof that cause and effect are real, however, has not yet been and never will be provided by science, as Dr. Shankar's wise article reveals. Nevertheless, science, no matter what, is based on the unquestioned premise that cause and effect are real. This premise gives science and its conclusions the appearance of certainty. To question whether this certainty actually exists or whether it is ultimately an illusion is subject to thought control, which the human mind imposes upon itself because of its conditioning that thinking is real. Otherwise, the mind could not appear to be deceptively real. An examination of these things without any thought control can lead to wise conclusions that are irrefutable. These insights into the true nature of life as it is are shared with humanity in this article to break the ever-evolving illusion of certainty in the mind so that life can be lived as a spontaneous flow which it certainly is. Enlightened beings have a mind without thought control and never consider thinking to be real. Thus the wise mind functions smoothly as it is meant to happen and can spontaneously accompany everyday life in every situation as an obvious illusion without excluding or fighting against those who think differently. 

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, England 
The August 2020 wisdom- letter is an introduction to a beautiful world in which all humans live in harmony. It is a beautiful world indeed conceived in words, sounds and colours. Let mankind enjoy this gift of life and understand the wisdom of the sages.

Marcus, Germany
Thank you for the August 2020 Wisdom Letter! The article “Enlightenment” I would have missed reading and translating it. The website contains so much to explore and read over and over again. A treasure for eternity! The explanation of Isha-Upanishad helps me to deeply understand spiritual scriptures. It is important to read more than just a translation. A clear explanation is helpful for true understanding to happen. Otherwise interpretations may happen instead of understanding. Thank you!

Dory, Netherlands
Thank you for the articles Believe (1 and 2). The belief that "I do" and "I speak" is ingrained in the mind of man. And man is also convinced that this is happening in the moment. These articles so beautifully explain how doing and speaking is but a single movement of consciousness, despite the diversity of activity and speech that we think we perceive.

Sigrid, Munich
Once again I have listened to the CD 'Respect' and this time it hit me to the core of my being. To understand the deeper meaning of respect brings me down on my knees. I recognise how much expectations still linger in the mind, although with the best of intentions and a flimsy politeness. If we expect we won't respect. Respect means to feel honoured to be alive with another. How ruthless it is to expect from life or anybody or anything appearing in front of me, when life happens without any mistake, fault, right or wrong. Listening to the Cd bestows a taste that it is an honour to be in that precious flow of life,  an honour to be a recipient in this perfection. I am amazed how much impact the deeper understanding of the word RESPECT can generate. The appreciation for the intelligence of life becomes limitless! My deepest gratitude for this gift of clarity and understanding. With love and best wishes

Elisabeth, Netherlands
I think of You all the time. I am studying all chapters in Evolution of Mind with amazement. In the chapter Evolution of Words You ask when is it understood that the happiness conveyed by words is temporary and not permanent, happiness that is real reveals itself. Happiness is realised when man understands that he is living whether he likes it or not. I keep this to my heart in gratitude. Namaste, 


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