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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Issues happen"

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Article "Issues"
Wisdom Quotes "Issues"
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Article: ‘Issues’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
An important part of every day are the issues of the day. Every man and woman is overcome by their importance which compels them to face the issues with the best of their ability. Everyone believes that issues of daily life are to be dealt with correctly. If not, there would be more issues that would need to be dealt with. If not, daily life would not be harmonious. Issues are present in every aspect of daily life: in the place of work, between family members, between friends and in society. Everyone also believes in a correct way of dealing with issues which he or she thinks needs to be done. This is the truth for him or her. Everyone also believes that when issues are dealt with correctly, there will be harmony in daily life, because when issues are not dealt with correctly, it makes a man or a woman complain and argue.
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Comments: ‘Issues’

Julian Capper, UK
Men and women seem to thrive on the presence of issues in their daily life. The energy available to resolve issues and the issues themselves are gifts of life, for neither the energy nor the issue is created by man. Understanding that this is so is the gift of the wise, giving rise to man as the witness of what unfolds.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
Daily life issues keep everybody occupied. It seems that issues even help to overcome boredom. However, if honesty prevails, nobody would really keep the issues going. That it is important to say what we don’t like, is not questioned. The point is, how much we insist in how, when and by whom anything has to be done. The ego wants it done “My way“, meaning the other has to do it “my way“ and not “his or her way“. The wise share an understanding that life always happens “life’s way“. This is the end of real issues in daily life. Illusory issues are taken relaxed as they are meant to come. 

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NEW Article   "Life Goes On"


Letters to AOA:

Julian, England,
The month of May, albeit illusory, brings with it the revelations of a rare being. Mankind is gifted in this wisdom-letter with the mysterious door into life, life that is eternal. The voices in the mind come to rest and the reader, albeit illusory, disappears. What a wonder is the intelligence of life.

Thank you for the wisdom letter April 2021 with the article “What does love mean“ of 2013! Wonderful article to read and to understand once again!  Therefore, the wisdom shared by the Academy is invaluable for each human being and for humanity as a whole. 

Gerard, Netherlands.
Thank You. Beautiful article !! Title ‘Triad’
To understand the illusion of doing, speaking and thinking every belief wil be illusory. This article is a very short way helping to understand and brings freedom from the thoughts of the mind. Enjoyed very dood translation and notes.
Kalpna Dave, UK.
Absolutely a mind blowing article ‘Triad (2)’, giving more clarity and understanding to 'doing speaking and thinking ' phenomenon. One day the universe will realise the value of this wisdom. 
Thanks so much for sharing. 
Article ‘Triad (2)’
Julian Capper, UK.

There is no scintilla or iota of detail in the entire existential world that has been known, is known and is yet to be known that is not provided for or gifted by the intelligence of life. Nevertheless, this entire existential world, as revealed by the wise in these articles and elsewhere, is illusory: it is not what the mind says it is. Understanding and realising that this is so is the door to freedom - whatever the pathway of your life gifted by nature and done by nature is.
Article ‘Triad (2)’
Marcus, Munich.

Once again, Dr. Shankar makes a tireless, detailed mental tour through all expressions of nature. Only through detailed visualization in all aspects of daily life, the conditioning of the human mind is slowly, step by step, replaced by wisdom. The illusions of life are revealed in this article as a coherent phenomenon in which there is not the slightest bit of room for a real, independently acting ego. Thinking, speaking and doing happen like plants grow, animals reproduce and the weather changes as an uncontrollable play of light and sound – “The moment is nature itself.“!!! To become aware of this in every moment is also an expression of nature in a human being. Wisdom ushers in the total demise of expectations. Thus, the star of enlightenment becomes an unmistakable orientation in every situation in life.

Kalpna Dave, UK.
Incredibly beautiful article which all couples would benefit by reading it. All Triad 1, 2 and 3 are mind blowing articles. 
Sigrid, Munich.
I am so grateful that so many exquisite, precious and superb articles are pouring out of you this month again. They guide us directly and clearly to the eternal moment (which is all there is in life) and work like a shoe horn - helping to slip into life. I am amazed how awesome illusory words can reflect the highest wisdom and deepen understanding if it is meant to happen.
Gerard. Netherlands
Enjoyed article "Life goes on" !!
Many times when somebody past away man say “ life goes on”.
This article makes clear that Life is a transformation proces of never stopping movements where is no place for life and death.
Life is a miracle. Thank You!

Sigrid, Munich
On my daily walk in nature I always enjoy watching vegetation and animals in their growth, colours, shape and fragrance in any weather and season. So your brillant article 'LIFE GOES ON' touches my heart deeply. It reminds me that we are part of nature too - expressed by life in its variety of appearances. You emphasise from another angle that life is moving in cycles as a play of light and sound. No doers, thinkers or speakers. Human beings are part of that magnanimous flow. The triad of doing, speaking and thinking does not hold any ground. My goodness, so clear and simple. So adorable. I am on my knees again.
Thank you, thank you!


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