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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Action is a movement and not an actual event."

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Article "Action"
Wisdom Quotes "Action"

Article: ‘Action’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Humans are convinced that they do many actions in daily life and also firmly believe in the actions that should be done in daily life and the actions that should not be done by them as well. Humans also understand the actions that should be done by humans are sometimes not done by humans, even though they believe the actions can be done by them and should be done.
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Comments: ‘Action’

Julian Capper, UK
There is no human being, including the very young, who is not seduced by the conviction of controlling every move they choose to make, albeit illusory. This seduction may be cemented by public acclamation, but soured by failure.  Acclamation and failure are the gifts of life. Understanding that this is so and is meant to be so is the gift of enlightenment.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
Movies are interesting for man because of the actions presented in them. There are even films called actions film, which means that they are filled with action galore. Action films promise not to be boring. In the same way daily life should not be boring too, according to the belief of the conditioned mind. Therefore people are hungry for action in daily life too. That life is action-less and does not contain any real action at all, is a revelation for every one of us, but the mind feels bored at first – until the mind becomes wiser and its addiction to action transforms into admiration of life’s singular flow.

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, England 
The treasures of life revealed by the enlightened in this news1etter are the birthright of every man and woman that has lived, is living and is yet to live. The precious gifts of light and sound shared here may awaken minds, darkened by private grief, to realise close companionship with the joy of the here and now, the moment that is.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
Thank you for the January Wisdom Letter. The human mind in general is so very conditioned! The internet and social media further accelerate the process of conditioning, that's how intelligent life is. There one has mostly just the choice between like and dislike. A comment is also colored by black and white thinking if at all anybody reads it. Clicks on social media are more important than a deeper discussion. Life is not black and white, but the mind is meant to think as duality which is its function. To escape this thinking as real, wisdom is necessary, if it happens. Wisdom, however, is hard to find, in person as well as on the internet. That's why the wisdom letter is so important! Such is the intelligence of life!

Julian, England,
The understanding of Dreaming gifted by the wisdom of Dr Shankar in KG2 is a uniquely detailed light on the waking and the sleeping states of dreaming. Regular and persistent attention to the chapter, especially when sleep is descending whilst reading, like a thick fog, is allowing a new dawn of understanding here. At the same time, and unusually, there is a nightly experience of very vivid and at times dramatic dreams from events in life – even to the point of actually shouting aloud. 
In gratitude.

Ranji, USA.
Particularly I laud your untiring efforts to help so many brothers and sisters to realize who they/we are and what is the purpose of life. The haunting enquiry – who am I and what am I- is a time-immemorial challenge and you are spending your valuable life time to answer these questions for your self and help others seeking guidance.
The enlightenment which you have achieved emanates from you in many ways and your articles in AOA journal feed nothing but happiness and positive outlook to seekers. Your spiritual association with saints like Bala Yogiar, Sri Ramana, Satya Sai Baba  and Nisargadatta Maharaj had been very influential in the development of your golden life.
We are conducting daily healing prayer for your well being and we’d like to call and talk with you when convenient to you. We know you have lot of responsibilities and time is precious.
We also know that there are several well meaning devotees and giving you good care. Bless them and their letters to you pour out their sincere appreciation in shaping their lives. You are lighting many candles and they are globally glowing.
Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavanthu. God bless you always.
Dear Guruji,
Hope this finds you well!
On my pin board in the kitchen I can read your card with the quote:
It seems this message is more and more settling down and what is left? Just living life as it is in the moment. Can it be so simple? Yes it can!
With best wishes and deepest gratitude


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