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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Aliveness is Life"

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Article: ‘Aliveness is life’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Every moment in life is alive. The aliveness could be growth, action, speech, thought, light, sound or darkness. The moment by itself is not under man’s control, because it is not man who makes a moment, but it is a moment that has received man within it. Man has not made and also does not make the aliveness within a moment either, for he can never premeditate the aliveness within a moment with certainty. If man makes the aliveness within a moment, he would certainly be able to premeditate the aliveness within a moment with certainty. He is only convinced that he can do, he can speak or he can think, and only comes to know that he has after they happen and not before they happen. If man can make growth happen, do an action, speak a word or think a thought, he would be able to premeditate the aliveness of any moment with certainty. Since he cannot, it only means that he has never brought the aliveness in any moment of life. They all, however, do happen in an illusory manner and not as an actuality. Man is not the doer as the enlightened have rightly proclaimed. Doing speaking, thinking and growth happen to man and man does not do them.
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Comments: 'Aliveness is life’

Julian Capper, UK.
The understanding gifted to us by the enlightened in these articles and elsewhere while we travel on our journey in life, as we are meant to, is simplicity itself. No one would deny the experience of bliss to themselves or to any other being. Ironically, yet unwittingly, man denies himself through his adamantine reliance on conditions and techniques. Thus, the means available to man for reaching what is present in every moment of daily life, albeit illusory, hinders access to it. The wise, realising man’s predicament, with generosity and compassion never cease to shine this light of consciousness. There is such gratitude.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
The ego gets involved in reactions in everyday life because of the illusory conditioning that thoughts, feelings and actions are real. There is nothing wrong with that, it is the way intelligence moves in life evolutionarily. For example, the ego reacts to the thought that someone has done something wrong and is to blame for the consequences of his action with anger, rage and condemnation. Understanding that "wrong" and "to blame" are illusory ideas in the mind and nothing real in life, because life is a singular spontaneous movement with no real cause and effect, makes man respond instead of react. This is how compassion, patience and unconditional trust happens in life as it is destined to happen. The focus of a response is on the timeless now, while the focus of a reaction is on the past and future, but completely illusory. Wisdom, as shared in this article by Dr. Shankar, reveals that a deep understanding of the conditioning of the mind leads to the aliveness in the moment allowing the individual to respond rather than react. The desire for love and peace understandably makes the individual strive to respond rather than react to any situation in everyday life. The enlightened, however, live the aliveness of life in the timeless now and do not think about responding rather than reacting, because thinking is in the dead moment of the mind and not in the alive moment of life. 

Paula Smit, Netherlands
This article leaves us no room to escape, it’s about our life. There is no other life than the life we live and which is happening here and now for all of us. The fact we are alive, however that life may seem in our eyes, offers everyone the possibility to see it without labels and concepts. There is no better life or future life we should wait for in order to understand life happens. Neither do we have to become a better human being. Amidst all feelings, thoughts and beliefs we are alive. This is our life and we are all alive so we may witness it. 

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, UK.
This month of August, albeit in illusory time, heralds its first day with the wisdom of Dr Shankar: ‘’You are empty in the moment, but full out of it.’’
When the clouds of conditions and beliefs are dispelled from man’s mind, albeit gradually in glimpses, the silently direct light of the sun sparkles.
Such is the generous gift of this newsletter in revealing the silent bliss that is every man and every woman’s birthright.

Marcus, Germany.
Thanks for the new wisdomletter with the elder article “Bliss“, which is, as all wisdom, fresh and actual all the time. Especially nowadays when the news are full of allegedly new problems all over the world, bliss is the best that could happen to anyone. Bliss evaporates the ego; the ego understood as illusory reveals bliss, which leads to peace within and around us. Grateful!

Sigrid, Munich. 
Dear Guruji,  Your statement "THE TRUTH IS LIGHT" had a great impact on me. You are sharing life with us. Like everything else I read or listen from You is another masterpiece expressed with wisdom and exquisite clarity and perfect explanation. You offer a clear seeing  and give help that requires no other help. Love the current quote: "Spirituality is all Inclusive and not exclusive." 
Again .... much gratitude & love


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