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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Love is life"

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Article: ‘What is love’
By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

I write in to ask the following questions, and they are to be responded to separately for convenience of understanding.
What is Love? How come that we do not know what Love is even though we hunger for It and the Awakened Ones tell us that Love is what we are. Is Love another word for surrender or grace? Is our love for ‘realisation’ a good pointer? Has Bhakti anything to do with the True Love that we are? Is there anything we can ‘do’ to ‘get’ there even though we do understand with our minds that such a thing is absolutely impossible?
Amigo: What is Love?
Dr.Vijai S. Shankar: 
Love as a question:
Firstly, one must understand whether “what is love” can be a question which can be answered? Love cannot be a question. For, if it is a question, then an answer should be there. If the answer is there, where is it? This question is ancient and an answer should have been found by now! If the answer has been found, the question would have disappeared. But the question still remains meaning that the answer has not been found. If it has not been found as yet, then what is the certainty that it will be found. Maybe the mind can never find the answer! Also, a single answer, which will please all minds, is not possible for each mind has its own ideas of love. Hence a universal answer is an illusion. Individual answers are there for love and for this very reason there are arguments about love, for each mind will contradict the answer of another mind. This contradiction is normal for each mind lives in a different point in time. Hence “what is love” is an illusionary question, which has no answer!
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Comments: ‘What is love’

Julian Capper, UK
In man’s search for the existence of love in daily life, as he and she proceed on their pathway, they may happen to meet a wise man, if they are meant to. Thus, in wisdom, Dr. Shankar is here gifting deep understanding of life to pressing questions and anxieties. Patient undoing and gradual dissolution of conditions, long set by the ego in the mind of man, may reveal that the love that is being sought is the very essence of life itself.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
The question "What is love?" has moved humans ever since in the course of evolution they became aware that they live in constant conflict with their environment, their fellow human beings and life itself. Modern humans tend to suffer greatly from the endless aberrations of the conditioned mind, which creates inner conflicts that manifest themselves externally as strife and war. Primitive man, who had no functioning mind, lived in the paradise of harmony with Life, of which he was a component. Even today, the human is a component of life and not separate from it, but the mind, whether one likes it or not, creates conflicts through dual thinking of right and wrong, pleasant and unpleasant, love and hate, albeit completely illusory. This duality prevents the obviousness of the all-encompassing love that is Life itself, as it is inevitably meant to be at every moment. With the wisest insight, Dr. Shankar here leads the interested questioner step by step back to paradise beyond the mind. But unlike the primitive human without thoughts, who was not aware of his oneness with Love and Life, the past and present human with thoughts has the chance to live in Love full of awareness, which is called Enlightenment. The present dialogue is essential for every human being!

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Letters to AOA:

Barbara, Munich.
Where have I read such a dedicated statement about love? 
Thank you, thank you for this wonderful article WHAT IS LOVE?
A great pleasure to read it!
Much love and gratitude
Dory, Netherlands
‘Everything is gifted to us by the intelligence of life’, so is quoted today on the web. What a miracle and what a gift that man can perceive this life as an individual and come to know and to understand himself and the illusory world, as it is meant to happen. Thank you for sharing


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